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Organize Your Bathroom Counter in True Nautical Style

* Durable rubber paint finish
* Magnetized to keep pieces secure
* Made from porcelain

Looking to jazz up your bathroom counter, but not sure how? Now you’ll be able to outfit your bathroom in true nautical style with the Submarino Porcelain Bathroom Accessory Set from Seletti. Your bathroom will instantly transform into a sea of style with this vibrant yellow bath set that evokes magic and wonder for all ages. You’ll admire its simple and modern design while staying true to its stylish and playful sensibility.

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Get the kids excited for bath time as the Submarino adds a uniquely fun flair to your bathroom. For the adults, your bathroom counters will take on a lighthearted aquatic feel while keeping your must-have bath necessities like toothbrushes and hand soap organized and ready to use anytime.

This colorful organizer consists of four magnetized pieces that will stay in tact and aligned when assembled together to create a submarine. The liquid soap dispenser is cleverly disguised as the periscope, the hatch functions as a toothbrush holder, and the two remaining lidded containers can be used for Q-tips, hair ties, cotton balls, bobby pins or any other sundries you may like to include.


Ever since Seletti was established in 1964, its mission was about making quality, professional and innovative products that’s as functional as it is one-of-a-kind stylish. The eye-catching Submarino captures all of Seletti’s vision as it’s crafted from porcelain with a yellow-colored rubber paint finish that’s sure to be a welcomed gift for homeowners, kids and birthday recipients alike.

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