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Winning the Cold War: 10 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

* Keep cool even when weather outside is scorching
* Save on energy costs by using non-electric cooling hacks
* Portable items let you take your cooling on the go

Summer is in full swing. and along with poolside lounging and BBQ’s, this season also brings with it a challenge we all must endure: the blistering heat.

So how do you keep cool during this Cold War while still enjoying the summer sun? Here are ten items to help you get through the summer heat unscathed, except for maybe a new tan.

1. Portable Phone Fan

[caption id="attachment_50023" align="aligncenter" width="332"] Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

If you’re hot on the go and don’t want to carry a hulking fan around with you, this small, portable fan may save you from undesired perspiration. The mini fan plugs into your iPhone, iPod, and iPad to deliver a gentle breeze. Coming in a variety of colors including black, white, blue, green and pink, you can have fun picking a fan that coordinates with your iPhone case.


2. Cool Down Bandana

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Just in time for the Fourth of July, this bandana helps you stay cool and patriotic. When you soak the bandana in water, it inflates with a cooling gel that stays activated for days. Made out of 100% cotton and completely reusable by reactivating it in normal tap water, you’ll feel instant relief that’ll make sitting on the beach as fireworks light up the sky overhead more relaxing. It’s great for a cool down after sports, too.


3. Evian Facial Spray

For a cool and refreshing boost that won’t smear your makeup, simply mist a touch of this

on your face. Additionally, spritzing this on your face in the morning and evening before heading to sleep can assist with preventing your skin from drying out under the hot sun during the day. This gentle spray is suitable for all skin types — and safe for kids and pets, too.

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4. Eugenia Kim Carmen Nomad Hat

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As we’ve already noted, this statement piece will add much-needed protection from the sun’s rays in a fashionable manner. Designed by former magazine editor Eugenia Kim, this hat is flexible depending on how you want to spend your day, whether it’s a day out on the town or tanning at the beach. Since summer is a season for frequent change and travel, the hand-scripted “nomad” on the back of the straw-woven hat naturally fits the summer vibe while keeping you looking and feeling cool at the same time.


5. Freezer Water Bottle

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Image courtesy of Target[/caption]

We’ve all got our standard water bottles, but not ones that keep your water ice cold throughout the day. Thanks to a freezer stick that stays locked in place and connected to the cap, you can sip knowing that your drink will taste like you just dropped a few ice cubes inside. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, this portable water bottle includes a drinking spout, removable Ice Tube and a twist-off cap.


6. One-Piece Swimsuit

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Image courtesy of Shopbop

For an elegant ensemble that keeps you protected from the sun but also readily able to jump into the pool if you feel so inclined, this one-piece by Flagpole is a tasteful addition to your summer wardrobe. And if you pair it with the Eugenia Kim Carmen Nomad hat, you’ll have a head-to-toe look to rock by the beach that is not only chic but also practical.


7. Wet Towels

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If you’re one of those people who likes when restaurants provide wet towels along with your meal, these cooling towels are the upgraded summer version of that hospitable token. Handy for when you’re going on a run or a post-gym workout, these cooling towels from MistyMate stay chilled for hours and remain so straight from the package. Re-soak in cold water when you yearn for some extra cool.


8. Water Balloons

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Image courtesy of Target[/caption]

For a fun summer activity that your kids, nieces and nephews will enjoy, start a water balloon fight with this pack of 280 self-tying balloons. With technology that fills up 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds, Bunch O Balloons will appease your kids’ requests for a fun cool-off in the backyard or pool.


9. Giant Beach Umbrella

This giant beach umbrella measures over 8 feet wide — enough to cover more than a few people in the sand. The waterproof canopy has been coated to protect you from harmful UV rays. The umbrella also includes steel reinforced fiberglass ribbing and a sand screw that can secure your beach umbrella against winds over 40 mph. Not heading to the beach? This can also be used as a patio umbrella, pool shade, or anywhere you need to be protected from sun and rain.


10. Koji Ring Popsicle Molds

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Image courtesy of Target

For a productive indoor activity with your kids when they come home from camp in the afternoon, give making popsicles a try. Especially in the shape of Ring Pops that will remind them of the candy, these Koji Ring Popsicle Molds are adaptable to any filling from yogurt to juice to pudding and are easily removable by pulling on the ring band. No rinsing required.

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