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No Wrinkle Is Too Tough for This Iron

* Retractable cord makes storage easy
* Doubles as a steamer and tackles the toughest wrinkles
* Makes your life easier

Do your clothes ever look like a wadded-up bar receipt left in your pockets from the night before? Well now you can say goodbye to wrinkles with the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron and hello to a more put-together you. Designed with the latest steam technology, it lets you tackle the day with polished refinement, even if you’re on a budget.

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The thoughtful folks at Sunbeam know you’ve got a lot going on; that’s why they designed this affordable and intuitive steam iron to make your life easier. For starters, you can activate the spray mist and shot of steam functions to rid stubborn wrinkles in a snap. This is particularly helpful when you’re running late for work or an important meeting. It also features adjustable temperature controls so you can de-wrinkle a range of fabrics including silk, denim and cotton.

Its stainless steel, nonstick soleplate glides over garments easily and you’ll be amazed by how comfortable the iron handle feels thanks to its soft-touch grip.

The Sunbeam Steam Master comes with vertical steam setting so you can use it as a fabric steamer, effectively removing wrinkles from hanging fabrics like your dress, suit and even drapes. To keep your area organized and trip-free, a convenient 8′ retractable cord is smartly incorporated into the iron to provide neat and easy storage. For added safety, it also has a smart auto-off technology that will automatically turn your iron off when left unattended or in an improper position.

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Finally, to ensure your iron provides optimal performance for many years to come, Sunbeam has included an anti-calcium and self-cleaning system to keep it free of pesky calcium and mineral deposits that often builds up from your water.

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