Stay Woke: Five Ways to Create a More Sustainable Lifestyle at Home

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* Eco-friendly products for the eco-warrior 
* Bamboo cutlery, water bottles and even toothbrushes 
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They say your home is where you build better habits, whether it is a maintainig organization or healthier practices that keep you balanced. Part of a mindful lifestyle also begins with the products we bring into our lives and we should consider their environmental impact if we want to make a positive difference for our planet. Nowadays, it is becoming easier and easier to shop more conscientiously. There are eco-friendly yoga meets to choose over the ones made with synthetic fibers and there are kitchen items that are made with sustainable materials to choose from.

So, choose wisely by avoiding plastic-heavy materials and single-use products like silverware and bags and instead opt for these five sustainable products you use in your every day that will reduce your footprint upon your very first use of them. Here’s to going greener without sacrificing the essentials.

1. Reusable Grocery Bags

Single-use plastic grocery bags are being done away with all over the country and some stores are even charging if you need a bag to pack up your groceries at the local market. So, get ahead of the game and stock up on these ripstop polyester grocery bags that double as lunch packs, shopping bags while running errands and work well for travel excursions where you need an extra stash spot for goods. These come in 5 colorways, are easy to clean and are meant to last for years to come.

Reusable Grocery Bags Courtesy of Amazon

2. Stainless Steel & Bamboo Water Bottle

Everyone should carry their own personal water bottle wherever they go. It significantly reduces the number of plastic single-use bottles and they can be used for years. We like this stainless steel one with a bamboo cap for its durability and quality materials that won’t taint your beverage with a funky taste or seep chemicals into your liquids. Keep one in your car, gym bag, and at work so you are always hydrated and don’t have to depend on buying a bottle of water while traveling.

Stainless Steel & Bamboo Water Bottle Courtesy of Amazon

3. Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes

We may not think about this often, but the plastic toothbrushes that we are supposed to replace every 3 months are a major pollutant around the world. Opt instead for a manual bamboo brush that is completely biodegradable, meaning it will actually break down naturally in the environment after you dispose of it. The BPA-free bristles are better for you to use as there is no harmful plastic in them, so, you can treat yourself to health and the planet as well.

Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes Courtesy of Amazon

4. Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps

Ditch the Ziploc baggies and try out these beeswax-crafted food wraps instead. Made from a natural material that is meant to keep harmful ingredients away from your lunch, these wraps also minimize the amount of plastic wrap used to package goods. Each wrap is meant to last one year and can be cleaned using water and a mild soap for re-use time and time again.

Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps Courtesy of Amazon

5. Bamboo Cutlery for Travel

It is common to reach for the plastic cutlery in your pantry at your hosted get-togethers or use them at the office so you don’t have to wash your utensils when you are done. But those thousands of plastic forks and knives can take thousands of years to break down after you are done with them, causing harm to the planet and ultimately, to us. This travel set of bamboo cutlery comes with a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks and even a straw for a convenient setup to enjoy your meal anywhere, anytime. It comes in a nifty velcro pack for easy transport and these setups make for great gifts for those eco-warriors in your life.

Bamboo Travel Cutlery Courtesy of Amazon