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Let Your Wine Take Flight With the Crystal Swan Decanter

* Over 23″ tall in sleek silhouette
* Fits a full bottle of wine
* Unique, modern design 

Let your wine take flight with the birdlike and elegant form of this glass swan decanter from Riedel. It measures over 23 inches in height, and despite its slimness, can hold an entire standard sized 750ml bottle of wine. The curved, swooping neck of the swan decanter is not only a stark and beautiful accent piece for any home bar or minibar, but is also a functional feature, letting the wine you’re about to serve attain its optimal flavor.

The decanter’s shape allows the wine to “breathe,” without being fully exposed to the air. Made of safe, high-end lead crystal, this glass swan decanter shimmers with radiance under electric light and provides a beautiful frame for the rich, subtle hues of a red wine or the crystalline clarity of a zinfandel or white wine.

With a clean yet dynamic shape that recalls the sculptures of Constantin Brancusi, the swan decanter evokes motion and grace and is one of the most aesthetically striking ways we’ve seen for aerating your wines.

By letting the wine decant in the open air, it allows for the perfect expression of flavor, while still keeping your wine fresh for each new glass. The swan decanter goes especially well alongside modernist accent pieces and decor items like the lucite vases from AvF and it is at home in its natural environment alongside mid-century modern furniture.

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