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Check Out Parachute Home’s New Line of Table Linens

* Rustic tablecloth from Parachute Home’s new tabletop collection
* Made from Belgian flax and available in tan or black
* Spun in Tuscany

Make dinner a little bit more special with a linen tablecloth from Parachute Home. This attractive table cover is made from quality materials and can also become a useful blanket for days out.

Part of Parachute’s new tabletop collection, this elegant tablecloth is capable of making dinner occasions feel more important, whether you’re sitting down for your daily meal or hosting a party for friends.

Parachute Home originally started by rethinking bedding for the modern home. Now, the company has expanded to produce a range of textiles, and their table linen line is the newest addition to the clean and classic designs Parachute is known for.

If you want to dive headfirst into this line of table coverings, the linen tablecloth is an excellent place to start. The 70 x 96 inch cloth is available in either tan or black color and is made from 100% Belgian flax.

This beautiful table cover is created by some of the world’s best artisans in Italy. Using their years of weaving experience, the artists spin the fabric within Tuscany’s famous mills to produce a product of the highest quality. You’ll also find that the edges of this tablecloth have stitched to give a clean finish.

Because of the strong and durable nature of the tables linens, these coverings can also double as picnic or beach blankets.

The versatility of this high quality tablecloth along with its stunning production quality make it a real treat to use. With enough class to take your dinner party to the next level of sophistication, you’ll find yourself coming up with any excuse to hold your next summer get together.

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