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Duly Noted: 12 Craziest Notebooks for Students

* Notebooks, note pads journals and more
* Pop culture, clever wit and classic art
* A handcrafted leather-bound option

School’s back, students. So take down these priceless tips to…wait, what? You don’t have anything write the tips down on? Then you are in desperate need for one of these 12 crazy notebook.

1. Dabbing Unicorn Notebook

The greatness of the Dabbing Unicorn Notebook is evident on its surface. Just know it works well for any class, as a journal, diary or composition book. It features 100 lined, 8.5×11-inch sheets.


2. I Love Taylor Ruled Notebook

Do you love Taylor Swift? Do you need a ruled notebook to write on? Then the 175-page I Love Taylor Ruled Notebook is your match made in heaven. It’s 6×9-inches  of note keeping nirvana.

[caption id="attachment_67898" align="aligncenter" width="199"]notebook Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


3. Emoji Days of the Week Journal

Not only is there an emoji for every day of the week, but they’re all laid out for you on the cover of this Emoji Days of the Week Journal. It’s as funny as it is handy, and it features a sturdy paperback cover–plus 200 pages for notes. You’ll laugh every time you look at it.


4. Narcissist Notebooks

You know how great you are, but your classmates won’t unless you tell them with the Narcissist Notebooks. This set of three 48-page notebooks even features a mirror at the back cover. They’re tailor made for the greatest person who ever lived – you.

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5.  Van Gogh Starry Night Journal

Allow art to inspire you throughout the school day with this Van Gogh Starry Night Journal. It vividly recreates the Expressionist classic across the heavy duty front cover. There are 160 pages inside to add your own masterpiece–or class notes. The choice is yours.


6. CaféPress Blueprint Spiral Notebook

The CaféPress Blueprint Spiral Notebook reveals its carrier to be studious, sophisticated and one who likes to plan. This 5×8-inch wire bound notebook gives you 160 pages on which to jot said plans.

[caption id="attachment_67903" align="aligncenter" width="300"]notebook Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


7. I Use This Periodically Spiral Bound Notebook

Let the rest of the class know that you are a human hive of dry, double entendre-fied wit with the I Use This Periodically Spiral Bound Notebook. It gives you 160 pages of use-as-you-please paper, bound in black wire, so it can hang tough inside the bounciest backpacks.


8. Rite in the Rain All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook

The Rite in the Rain All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook won’t turn to mush when it gets wet. In fact, it repels water, sweat, grease, mud and can even survive an accidental trip through the washing machine.


9. Personalized Dinosaur Spiral Notebook

In the 90’s, dinosaurs became hip again. In 2017, they’re hipster-fied on this Personalized Dinosaur Spiral Notebook. This attractive accessory has a place for all your important notes, to-do lists, plans and more.

[caption id="attachment_67906" align="aligncenter" width="300"]notebook Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


10. Set of 3 Tapestry Notebooks

This delightful set of three Tapestry Notebooks is a pleasure to pull from your backpack. Their whimsical patterns brighten even the dullest classes, and the sewn binding ensures none of your notes slip out.



11. Chocolate Bar Squares Mini Notepad

75 fabulously unlined pages of bright white 22lb paper, with a twin loop wire binding spine, doesn’t usually satisfy a sweet tooth, but you get all of that in this deliciously designed Chocolate Bar Squares Mini Notepad.


12. Rustic Town Handmade Leather Journal

Plan on keeping Rustic Town’s Handmade Vintage Look Genuine Leather Journal. It’s soft, supple and sturdy. It’s also crafted with Rustic Town’s 100+ years of traditional Indian craftsmanship.

Duly Noted: 5 Best Notebooks for Back to School Note Takers

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