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This Nate Berkus Rug is The Accent Piece Your Home Needs

* Interior designer and television personality Nate Berkus designed home line for Target
* Bold geometric pattern adds pop to a classic black and white accent rug
* Fringed edges soften the appearance of this versatile product

Beloved interior designer and TV. personality, Nate Berkus’s line for Target offers a variety of of quality home decor pieces at an affordable price. This accent rug is a standout piece in the collection, with an interesting geometric pattern and a versatile black and white color scheme.

This 2 by 3 foot rug is small enough to sit in your living room doorway or under the sink, but still adds plenty of personality to any room. The subtle pattern is reminiscent of Native American tapestries, adding a touch of ethnic influence to your home. Against the white background, these bold markings really pop– creating a virtual piece of artwork on your floor.

The patterned rug also features fringed edges to add a bit of softness to the rigid pattern. Together, these features result in a high contrast, eye-catching addition for any room that needs a little pick me up.

Nate Berkus has run his own interior design firm since the age of 24. He believes “your home should tell your story,” and his accessible home line for Target will help you get started. Using this philosophy, the interior designer has told his own story through writing books, appearing on TV shows, and transforming hundreds of homes for his high-profile clients. Nate has appeared multiple times on the Oprah Winfrey Show, becoming a popular regular on the show, and eventually landing his own series, “The Nate Berkus Show.”

Get your very own Nate Berkus design with this classic black and white accent rug. Bold enough to make a statement, but clean cut enough to fit into most styles of interior decor, you can’t go wrong with this Target rug.

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