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Easily Update Your Home Decor With This Digitally Printed Wall Art

* 2 digital print art plaques depicting nature
* Can be hung next to each other or placed separately
* Hardwood frames with flat edges

Looking to update your home décor? Target has really stepped up their game recently in that department. They have some of the latest trends and styles and have partnered with some of the top designers and brands to create diffusion lines to meet all price points.

One easy and non-committal way to change up a room is with some new wall art. New artwork is the perfect way to add an instant focal point to any room. The Leaf Plaque by 3R Studios at Target is a 2-piece, individually framed digital picture of two distinct types of leaves representing the nature and outdoors.

The frames are made from hardwood with a sawtooth back and flat edges. Two-piece wall art is usually meant to be placed next to each other on any wall; however, these leaf plaques would easily work if placed separately in the same room or in different rooms.

Targets’ 3R Studios collection specializes in a slew of home décor accent pieces for every room in your home. Whether you choose wall art, wall décor, new shelves or lighting options and rugs, the goal is to provide you with fast, simple ideas to easily change up any and every room in your home with minimal output.

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