Our Favorite Tasteful Nude Wall Art Pieces Under $100 on Society6

plastic sushi nude wall art print
Image courtesy of Society6

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Here are some of our favorite human figure art pieces we’ve found on Society6. These unique and tasteful low-volume editions are totally affordable yet still bear something of that “aura of originality” that  you always hear art theorists talk about. Some of these works of art are also funny and ironic, making them a great addition to your home office, man cave, or even your living room. From classical, idealized bodies to the realist contemporary figure, these are some of the best nude wall art pieces on Society6 today.

1. Plastic Sushi

This somewhat puzzlingly titled photographic print features a sandy homage to Edward Weston, but with a contemporary twist. The black and white photograph looks elevated but also remains intriguing.

plastic sushi nude wall art print Image courtesy of Society6


2. Lily Pond Lane

This piece could be the cover of a cool psychedelic underground ‘60s sci fi novel or perhaps a progressive rock album. It features, depending on your point of view, a normal sized nude resting on a giant lily pad, or a lilliputian nude lying on a regular water-lily.

Lily Pond Lane Nude print Image Courtesy Society6


3. ThingDesign Nude Poster

A tasteful collage-style poster with pleasingly broad, flat fields of color, this one from ThingDesign can really add an appealing visual aesthetic to an otherwise drab section of wall.

nude color poster Image Courtesy Society6


4. Black on White Nude No.2

This minimally named, line figure piece comes as a gallery-quality Giclée print. Plus, as anyone who’s had to do those 5-minute sketches from a live model in school will remember, just a few well-placed, calligraphic curves do the trick.

ink wash nude wall art print Image Courtesy Society6


5. Sexy Nude Woman Art Print

Don’t let the baffling name fool you; far from being some gauche centerfold or strip club billboard, this print is actually a black and white archival print of a photo that leans heavily in the Edward Weston/ Man Ray direction.

nude wall art back Image Courtesy Society6


6. 2070-AK Woman Nude Zebra Striped Light Curves

This one takes advantage of a set of Venetian blinds and killer lighting to show the dappled zebra pattern of light and shadow accentuating the curves of the nude subject’s back.

Nude at window blinds striped photo Image Courtesy Society6


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