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Marks-ist Training: The 6 Best Test Prep Aids for High School Students

* Prepares you with real test examples
* Provides latest test taking tips
* From $9.24 – $30.24

The best way to beat the big test jitters is with proper preparation. We have your back with this list of six super-handy, stress-reducing study guides to help you ace any exam.

1. PSAT Prep 2017 Study Guide

Here’s your go-to solution to get ready for the PSAT. The PSAT Prep 2017 Study Guide is a comprehensive study guide that covers reading, writing and math. It provides an introduction to get you acquainted with the test, detailed answer explanations and the latest test taking strategies, which are essential to preparing you.


2. The Official Study Guide for ALL SAT Subject Tests, 2nd Edition

Want to make extra sure about your SAT test prep? Then check out the Official Study Guide for all SAT Subject Tests: Second Edition by The College Board. It’s the only source for actual, previously administered tests across all 20 SAT Subject Tests. This enhanced second edition includes all-new, exclusive answer explanations for all the tests and the most up-to-date information from the test maker.


3. AP Exams Study Guides

AP exams are extra hard. Here are the top AP study guides in all subjects to give you the extra edge to you need to score high your next exam. AP study guides have the most up-to-date information, and they engage you in study activities that help you critically assess your progress. Plus you get access to AP Connect, the online portal filled with pre-college information and exam updates.

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4. The Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition

Every year, the SAT comes around to send high school students into a state of panic. With The Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition, there’s nothing to worry about. It helps any student review every skill and question type needed for SAT success. Detailed descriptions of the math and reading sections, guidance on the optional essay, and eight included practice tests are just some of the tools included.


5. Cracking the ACT With 6 Practice Tests, 2017 Edition

Want a study guide that gets results? Then we suggest Princeton Review’s Cracking the ACT With 6 Practice Tests, 2017 Edition. It contains thorough ACT topic reviews, tips for pacing yourself and guessing logically–and teaches you techniques that actually work.


6. SAT: Total Prep 2018 from Kaplan

If you want a multimedia study experience, try the SAT: Total Prep 2018 from Kaplan. It features video lessons, practice tests and detailed explanations to help you score high and take the test with total confidence.

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