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Test Tube Flower Vase: A Home Décor Worth Experimenting

* One-of-a-kind glass and walnut design
* Perfect for display or centerpieces
* Made in the USA

Take the science out of decorating with Moss + Twig’s one-of-a-kind Test Tube Flower Bud Vase. Each glass tube is surrounded by a solid white walnut base, offering a simple decorating solution for homes or an office space that needs a touch of warmth and home appeal. Savor, admire and care for your favorite flowers all while creating a nook of nature inspiration.

Test tubes are no longer just for classrooms or labs; these ones measure approximately 0.75″ in diameter and 5.9″ tall, perfect for holding a single statement stem, or a bunch of smaller mixed stems. Each vase set comes with four test tubes and gives your flowers a unique glass home for all to see.

Boasting minimal effort and time, you’ll say hello to fresh flowers all while enhancing your interior haven. You don’t have to be a certified green thumb to show your appreciation for all things nature. So leave your gardening tools in the shed because this simple yet elegant décor is all you need to beautify your home.

Need a gift idea? Think outside the box (or vase, in this case). This simple yet elegant vase makes the perfect gifting solution for the flower and science aficionados in your life.

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