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Big Time: The 3 Best Large Digit Clocks for the Elderly

* Clean, crisp displays for easy reading
* Don’t worry, our picks also run on a 9V battery just in case
* Looking for an easy and useful gift?

We know what you’re thinking but large display clocks aren’t just for the elderly. Maybe your eyesight isn’t what it used to be or you like to place your clocks in far-off corner of your home or office. Or you’ve young children who are just learning to read. No matter, these three large display clocks clearly and cleanly display the time, and in some cases even more than that.

1. La Crosse Atomic Clock

With automatic time and date settings, the La Crosse Atomic Clock features three display modes for a mix of time, calendar and temperature, as well as adjustable backlighting. You can set this one and forget it.


2. Westclox Tech Large Display Clock Radio

Change can often times feel unwelcome, but this Large Display Clock Radio from Westclox feels familiar. The design is straight out of the late 20th century, as is the AM/FM radio. With 1.8-inch oversized lettering and adjustable alarm volume control, this should do the trick.


3. SVINZ 8-inch Digital Clock

With over 700 reviews and a 5-star Amazon rating, Svinz’s 8-inch Digital Clock clearly and fully displays the time, day of the week, the month, as well as the part of the day, like evening versus morning. It also includes a battery backup feature, three auto dimming options and three alarms.


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