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Be the First on the Beach With This Exclusive Summer Essential

* Perfectly sized beach towel for you and your family to enjoy
* Made of 100% super soft cotton
* Unique round size provides more space than rectangular towels

With summer just around the corner, it might be time to start updating your warm weather must-haves. One obvious essential is the beach towel. You can continue to use your old, ordinary and frayed towel from years back, or you can choose to update and invest in a quality towel that is not only fresh and unique, but is one that will last for a long time.

The Beach People have thought of everything when creating the eye-catching and best-selling Majorelle cotton-terry towel. Inspired by the Moroccan Botanical Gardens, this towel is hand-decorated with a tonal blue geometric pattern. Not only is this towel unique in pattern, but it is unique in shape as well. The round style is cut from incredibly soft cotton-terry finished with fringed edges. At 60 inches in diameter, it is perfect for fitting two people comfortably. It has a plush velour top for comfortable lounging and a terry cloth reverse side to quickly absorb water.

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As seen in major fashion publications such as Vogue, InStyle, People, and featured on The Today Show, this towel has garnered major accolades. It is the perfect accompaniment for beach days, pool parties or just styling around your home.

Based in the Northern Rivers of New Wales, Australia, The Beach People brand was founded by two sisters with a love for the sea and a passion for creating beautiful and iconic products. All Beach People’s products are made of the highest quality materials, built to last and enjoyed for a lifetime to come.

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