If You Can Solve These Constantin Puzzles, You’re Pretty Much a Genius

Best Constantin Puzzles
Image courtesy of Think Geek

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* These puzzles are made from laser-cut wood, metal and acrylic
* Each puzzle is extremely Intricate, and incredibly challenging
* They’re aesthetically pleasing, too

Here are three legendary puzzles from the mind of Jean Claude Constantin. With a name like that, it seems only fitting that one be something of an arcane puzzle master. These artfully crafted, deviously challenging spatial puzzles make a great gift for a gifted friend, or perhaps a gag-gift for the “very stable genius” in your life.

1. Tough Measures

This wood and metal puzzle comes in an attractive plywood box. The goal of the puzzle is deceptively simple: fit the hinged rulers onto the space of the board. Do your puzzle-solving skills measure up? This one, like the best physical puzzles, requires just the right mix of brilliance and persistence.

Tough Measures puzzle Courtesy ThinkGeek


2. Flower Maze

It looks like an ornate decoration, almost like a mandala, and makes for a fine bit of bookshelf decor, once you’ve solved it… if you solve it. An escape room you can hold in your hand, the aim of this one is to free a ball bearing from the intricate, detailed maze contained within the circular metal design.

Flower Maze puzzle Courtesy ThinkGeek


3. Waiter’s Tray

This cool-looking wood and acrylic puzzle contains a devious sequence problem: model it mathematically or manipulate the bottles and use trial and error. The simplicity of the set-up belies the satisfaction of finally solving it.

Waiter's Tray puzzle Courtesy ThinkGeek


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