The Eva Solo AquaStar Watering Can: Where Minimalist Design Meets Functionality

Looking for a Unique Gardening Gift?

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A watering can with a difference, the Eva Solo AquaStar is more than capable of performing all of your day-to-day plant watering needs. But this watering can serves a double function when not in use. It’s designed to sit in the open on display. We promise, it will look great, whether on a counter top, table or shelf.

The sleek and minimalist design of the watering can gives it an appealing and unique look, creating intrigue and interest from an otherwise everyday object.


Capable of holding up to 2 liters (2.1 quarts) of water, the Eva Solo is ideal for everything from small indoor potted plants to large outdoor gardens.

The Danish designed watering can is made of plastic with a fully removable chrome spout for easy refilling and cleaning. Its pointed spout allows for precise watering and a constant, steady flow of water. When you’ve finished your daily gardening, simply place the Eva Solo spout up and enjoy its functional decor appearance.

At just under $50 and available in 3 attractive colors, the Eva Solo AquaStar Watering Can keeps the functionality of this household object but adds a whole new level of previously unseen aesthetic pleasure. Buy it for yourself or give it as a unique gardening gift to your friends with green thumbs! Either way you’re sure to enjoy the simple pleasure of this garden helper.

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