Get Up to 50% Off Your Favorite Plants With The Sill’s Sidewalk Sale

the sill sidewalk sale
Courtesy of The Sill

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Plants are the ultimate way to brighten up your home while bringing in more oxygen and improving air quality, and The Sill has become a cult favorite for statement-making foliage sold in  minimalist ceramic pots. It’s a no-brainer for those looking to freshen up their interiors in more ways than one. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of low-maintenance and low-light indoor plants available.

If these plants are usually a little out of your budget, don’t fret — The Sill’s famous sidewalk sale has arrived online and in-person with free shipping and massive discounts on indoor plants, running now through September 18. Plant parents look forward to the sale every year, and it’s an easy way to instantly transform your space on the cheap. Prices will continue to drop over the coming days, but here are the best indoor plants and planters on sale to take advantage of now while supplies last.

As proud plant parents, The Sill is one of our favorite places to buy plants online, and we’ve included some top highlights from the sidewalk sale below.


Small Monstera Adansonii

Playfully referred to as the “Swiss cheese Plant,” the Monstera Adansonii features lacy green leaves and has soft but sturdy stems that can be trained to trail, climb or hang. This small version is perfect for windowsills and desktops and still features those beautiful variegated leaves. It can also help purify the air in a space. At 35% off, it’s a no-brainer gift to yourself or a loved one. You can also buy this in a larger version at 30% off. With its rounded base, the Grant planter is a chic choice for this statement plant.

Small Monstera Adansonii Courtesy of The Sill


Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you’re not in the market for a delicate-looking plant, this indoor fiddle leaf fig tree has a more substantial look with broad, leathery leaves that feature prominent veining. If you don’t have room for the full-sized fiddle leaf fig sold by The Sill, the smaller version is also on sale at 35% off. This vibrant piece of greenery thrives in bright light but only needs to be watered once a week or so.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Courtesy of The Sill


Large ZZ Plant

Although its waxy green leaves are sure to earn compliments in any area of your home, it’s what lies underneath the soil that sets the pollutant-removing ZZ plant apart. Big, potato-shaped rhizomes beneath store water, which makes this one of the more drought-resistant plants, aka the best choice for gardening newbies or those who don’t have a green thumb. It’s also thought to bring good fortune and luck to those who own it. At 35% off, this large tropical plant is also available in smaller sizes.

Large ZZ Plant Courtesy of The Sill


Large Schefflera Arboricola

The Schefflera Arboricola is famous for its braided trunk and clusters of leaves, creating a full, umbrella-like effect, which is why it’s sometimes called The Umbrella Plant. The foliage can be maintained in bright light with well-spaced watering. It ships with room to grow but is best for larger areas, as this variety can grow up to three feet tall. The bonus of bigger plants is that it requires less watering- just once a month should suffice.

Large Schefflera Arboricola Courtesy of The Sill


Ficus Burgundy in Hyde Planter

Sold in their signature, minimalist planters, this Ficus Burgundy, otherwise known as the rubber tree has glossy burgundy leaves and is quite the looker. The sap it emits isn’t safe for kids or pets to touch, so keep it out of reach on a bookshelf or mantle. This plant thrives in bright, indirect light, making it a low-light indoor plant that you can place in shady nooks and crannies. Just be sure to wipe down the leaves once in a while, as dust can collect due to their texture.

Ficus Burgundy in Hyde Planter Courtesy of The Sill


Button Fern in Hyde Planter

The Button Fern is a dainty-looking plant with tiny little leaflets that look like buttons. Although this fern looks delicate, it’s very tough and has a durable, leather-like texture. It hails from the cliffs of New Zealand, where it can handle a range of humidity levels and temperatures. A moderately sized option that works best on a surface, the pet-friendly Button fern will add a timeless elegance to rooms of all kinds. It loves humid conditioners, so consider placing it nearby a humidifier.

Button Fern in Hyde Planter Courtesy of The Sill


Large Majesty Palm

Make your home feel like the tropics and softly up any space with this large Majesty Palm, which can help spruce up entryways and corners. It’s worth noting that this plant can grow over four feet tall. With its long, graceful leaves, the non-toxic foliage is great for pet owners and those looking to make a statement with an oversized showstopper. It thrives when living in a sunny spot, but it’s not a fast grower, so patience is key.

Large Majesty Palm Courtesy of The Sill


Medium Dracaena Marginata

At 30% off for just $30.00, this medium-sized Dracaena Marginata is a steal. The low-maintenance plant has thin, spiky leaves that make for a dramatic aesthetic. After all, its nickname is the Dragon Tree. With its dagger-like extensions, it can add a dynamic look to rooms with round or soft lines. Although the nursery grow pot offers the best bang for your buck they also carry more stylish versions that come in the Hyde and Grant planters — they’re also 30% off.

Medium Dracaena Marginata Courtesy of The Sill


Large Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise plant, which is closely related to bananas, adds a touch of the tropics to your home, but it’s also the most regal plant on sale from The Sill right now. With its graceful cranelike flowers, popular flora is often chosen by interior designers due to its instant ability to transform a space. . The Bird of Paradise is often on the pricier side, so be sure to snag one now while it’s 20% off at just $70.00.

Large Bird of Paradise Courtesy of The Sill


Monstera Ginny in Hyde Planter

The Monstera is definitely the “it” plant of the year, and this affordable Monstera Ginny is basically a larger version of the Monstera Adansonii and has more holes than leaves, maximizing that cut-out look. Still, it features those classic heart-shaped leaves and adds an elevated look to any area with its unique personality. As it grows, it can be styled on a trellis or moss pole for a gorgeous vertical display.

Monstera Ginny in Hyde Planter Courtesy of The Sill