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Get These Theft-Proof Mailboxes To Make Sure No One Steals Your Amazon Packages Again

* With increases in online shopping, mailbox theft has seen an increase as well
* These mailboxes are all securely locked to keep your mail safe 
* Made of reinforced steel, they withstand the elements as well

With the explosion of online shopping, your mail is now worth much more than a couple of coupons. Amazon recently teamed up with the New Jersey police department and is using dummy boxes with GPS tracking devices to catch package thieves, as well as utilizing door cameras, to help combat this issue. As you may count yourself among the 26 million Americans who have had a package stolen this holiday season, it could be time to invest in a more secure mailbox.

These mailboxes are not only made of durable, reinforced steel, but they feature slanted delivery chutes that drop your items into the locked container below. So rather than hassle with securing a refund for a stolen package, or worse, missing financial documents, invest in one of the secure boxes below.

1. Mail Boss Package Master Security Mailbox

Made of 12- and 14-gauge electro galvanized steel, no one will be prying this mailbox open any time soon. Fitted with a 12-wafer disc lock, this mail box is designed to allow your mailman to deliver your packages through its sloped opening, where they remain safely locked below until you come to collect them.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon


2. Winbest Large Steel Lockable Drop Slot Mail Box

For something with some added depth (its height is 41.5″), this lockable mail box will keep both important packages safe, as well as sensitive documents such as checks and tax items. This Winbest model is also mountable, and comes with mounting hardware, as well as a spare key for the lock.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

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