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This Modern-Design Wall Hack is Genius

Few decor pieces can transform a room like a perfectly-placed wall shelf. It adds intrigue and texture, but also allows homeowners to show their unique personalities. It can also free up valuable floor space as a creative, aesthetically-pleasing storage option. Functional and fetching, it’s a simple hack with a seriously cool effect.

Perhaps that’s why designers are gushing over the Umbra Cubist Wall Shelf. Inspired by abstract geometric design, the cubist floating shelf is a work of art by itself. Made of powder-coated metal, Beachwood, and plastic, it has the contemporary look so many love. The best part is that it can be composed in a number of configurations, making it feel like a special, one-of-a-kind piece.

Whether you use it to store books, pictures, or a plant, this functional piece is an affordable way to add a casual-cool look to any room. Easy to install, the shelf display sits on two wall mounted brackets. The wooden cup also has a plastic liner to prevent water damage if it’s housing a plant. The entire shelf measures 15 x 15 ¼ inches, and is 4 ½ inches deep and promises a stylish makeover for any room. Stylish-yet-sensible, this Cubist Wall Shelf is makes our utilitarian hearts sing!

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