This Smart Water Hose Helps You Save Money on Utility Bills & Prevents Wasting Water

smart internet connected hose
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* WiFi-enabled garden hose
* Green thumb, meet Bluetooth
* Saves time and money, while saving water 

A smart water hose may seem like a strange idea, but it’s actually an eminently practical one; it helps you save water, lower your utility bills and even helps save the environment. While much of the U.S. has had a pretty wet winter, it’s worthwhile to point out that until March of this year, drought conditions prevailed across most of the state, which helped cause the devastating fires of 2018. Cycles of rainfall and drought are also getting more extreme across much of the hemisphere as the effects of climate change become noticeable in real-time. At least, according to recent science, we’ve most likely cancelled the next ice age, so there’s that.

zilker smart garden hose Image Courtesy of Amazon

Also on the plus side, now your garden hose can have a stronger wireless signal than your computer, thanks to the Zilker smart hose’s 900MHz connectivity. This thing is a boon for gardeners and horticulture enthusiasts, letting you program a precise watering schedule for multiple valves and hoses. If you’ve always wanted a cool flower garden but just don’t have the time to make the rounds of watering it, the Zilker could make your dreams a reality. It comes with an app that lets you program a watering schedule from your phone. You can also set it to respond to weather conditions, and refrain from watering when, say, it’s already raining. Smart! It also has dedicated flow meters, so you can just go on your phone and see how much water each hose has been using in a set time period. Plus, the Zilker smart hose comes with a leak detection feature, letting you know where your garden hose might be leaking, potentially saving you a lot of money on utilities.


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