The Art of the Throw Pillow

You'll Love This Throw Pillow Cover

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* Throw pillows are great way to refresh and liven up a room
* Ornately detailed using traditional tapestry in an embroidered style
* Ideal 16″ square is the perfect accent size for any piece of furniture

Throw pillows are one of those items, that when executed correctly, can be a fun and affordable way to change up the look and feel of a room without having to buy all new furniture. Throw pillow etiquette can be quite tricky, however, so here are a few key tips and tricks to follow that can help when choosing new pillows:

  1. Consider size – 16-18 inches square is standard and nests neatly on sofas
  2. Know about fill – polyester is most popular as it stays straight up
  3. Use an odd number of pillows to decorate
  4. Create a mixed pillowscape with different textures, fabrics and sizes


Once you know how to utilize them, then choosing which one to buy is the fun part. One unique throw pillow we came across and love is this decorative pillow cover by Madura. Made in France, it features a flock of jungle birds arranged together using traditional tapestry with rich embroidery details throughout. The beautiful art-inspired print comes in four distinct, yet versatile shades: Brown, Mauve, Multicolored and Tan.



Madura has over 45 years of creation and interior design experience. The company’s focus is on innovation, diversity and constant improvements and has taken its designs to the next level by offering an array of styles, in multiple color ways and materials. This approach allows everyone from interior design experts to decorating novices to make informed, practical and up to the minute decisions.

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