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Organize Your Closet With These Tie Racks

Businesses in every sector have been metaphorically loosening their ties by relaxing dress codes, leading many men to literally loosen their ties — or even lose them altogether. But for many men, the necktie is still an everyday essential. And if you’re the suit-and-tie type, there’s a good chance it’s by choice, which means any man who elects to wear a tie on a regular basis probably has a lot of them. And if your tie collection is starting to become a little unwieldy, it’s time to invest in a tie rack.

The best tie racks allow you to easily see and grab your favorite ties, while also keeping the fabric straight and flat. After all, you don’t want to grab your favorite linen or silk tie just to find that it’s crumpled beyond repair. The kind of tie rack you choose will come down to a couple of factors: how many ties you have and how much closet space you can spare.

Some of our favorite tie racks will only take up as much horizontal space as a regular hanger, but they have multiple arms to hang your ties from. These are great if you only have an armoire and not a walk-in closet. Others have hooks that are more spaced-out, allowing you to hang other accessories like belts, baseball caps and scarves. We’ve also included a wall-mounted rack, which can save closet rod space while maximizing storage. These are some of the best tie racks available right now.

1. iDesign Classico Metal 14-Hook Horizontal Closet Organizer Rack

This metal tie rack from iDesign has a hook to hang it from a closet rod like a regular hanger, and there are fourteen hooks (seven on each side). This rack has thick hooks that are widely spaced, making it a good option if you also want to hang belts, scarves, hats and other thicker or wider items. The rack is available in several colors to best match the hangers you already have — there’s matte black, satin silver and rose gold.

Pros: Durable metal construction. Versatile enough to hang a variety of accessories like belts and bags.

Cons: Fourteen hooks, which is not as many as some of the other options.

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2. Ohuhu Tie Rack Wooden Tie Organizer

This tie rack from Ohuhu is made from wood and metal, giving it a more sophisticated look than some of the plastic options that are available. It resembles a regular wood hanger, but it has 24 metal clips underneath it. The clips have hooks to keep the ties from sliding around. What sets this option apart is that all of the hooks rotate, allowing you to get easier access to your ties and keeping everything flush when not in use.

Pros: Wood and steel construction makes it a durable and stylish option. Holds up to 24 ties. Clips rotate to save space.

Cons: Narrow clips mean this is not an ideal option for belts or scarves.

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3. ClosetMaid 8051 Tie and Belt Rack, White

One of the best ways to maximize closet space is by mounting extra storage to the walls. This sturdy and lightweight steel rack has slots to drill it into the wall, making it a good alternative if you don’t have a closet rod. It has a total of 27 hooks, and the hooks have rubber-coated tips to prevent damage to sensitive silk ties. The hooks can also easily be used for belts, necklaces or other accessories.

Pros: Smart mounted option for your door or wall to free up closet rod space. Rubber coated tips protect your ties.

Cons: Hooks are somewhat close together, so it’s not ideal if you have thick accessories like scarves or a lot of belts.

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4. Whitmor Swivel Tie Hanger

This tie rack has a hanger hook, making it easy to hang from a closet rod. There are two columns of six double hooks each, plus two belt hooks on the bottom, totaling 26 hooks. The hooks are made out of metal and they have vinyl tips to protect your ties and other accessories. While the individual hangers don’t move, the top hook that hangs from the closet rod does swivel, allowing you to pull the rack out to access your preferred ties.

Pros: 26 total hooks, making for ample storage space. Metal hooks have a vinyl coating to protect your ties.

Cons: Hooks are all close together, which can make it hard to find a specific tie.

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