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A Tiny House Kit Could Be Your Budget-Friendly Answer to Home Ownership

There aren’t many things you can’t buy on Amazon. And you can now remove “house” from that ever-decreasing list. Tiny house kits have recently seen a rise in popularity for several reasons. In addition to being a place to live for those who don’t need much space, these DIY backyard kits can be used as a home office, game room or even an Airbnb suite.

Tiny house kits provide an easy way to add an additional structure to your home or to build a small living space on a plot of land. The kits generally come with everything you need to create a four-walled structure with a floor and a roof, including the hardware and the wood. Some kits come with more building supplies, allowing you to create small bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms within the structure. However, keep in mind that although you can find relatively inexpensive tiny house kits, you’ll likely need to install plumbing, electricity and heating/cooling separately, adding to the cost.

One alternative use for the tiny home kits for sale online is related to the prevalence of pandemic-induced remote working. Given that this WFH trend is expected to continue to grow in 2023, it only makes sense that many people will want to create/build a designated space for remote working. That’s where the best tiny home kits come in.

Scroll down to discover SPY’s top picks for the best tiny house kits. All of these are remarkably available to order online, and most will be shipped directly to your door, allowing you to get straight to work on building your new home. Whether you’re searching for a place to escape, relax or even sleep, we’ve got a tiny home kit for every need.

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1. Hud-1 EZ Buildings Multi-Room Log Building Kit


While not an insignificant investment, the Hud-1 Multi-Room Log Building Kit provides everything you need to build a livable structure on your land. The log-cabin type home is 456 square feet, which is quite sizable for a tiny home. It features two 9-foot-by-6-foot rooms as well as an additional bunk room. Three double windows and two single windows along with a half glass single door provide plenty of light. And we especially love that all the hardware is included and the wall logs are interlocking, making this a breeze to build.

hud ez buildings multi room log building


2. Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed


One person’s storage space is another person’s place to relax. This storage shed includes two polycarbonate windows and faux shutters, making it look like a livable structure. While we wouldn’t recommend it for housing guests, this would make a great man cave. It measures approximately 15-by-8-by-7 feet, giving you plenty of space for your hobbies or simply hiding from your kids.

tiny house kits lifetime outdoor


3. Outdoor Living Today Cedar Wood Sunshed


The 12×12-foot Outdoor Living Today Cedar Wood Sunshed boasts 10 windows, which makes the interior a great place for crafting, reading or painting. Furthermore, this tiny house kit is easy to put together: Simply screw or nail everything together and then decide whether you want to upgrade the plywood roof to shingles or metal (upgrade options are sold separately by Outdoor Living).

tiny house kits outdoor living today


4. Hud-1 EZ Buildings Campers Pod


Whether you’re building a mini camping resort on a larger property or you just need a tiny house for entertaining overnight guests, the Hud-1 EZ Buildings Campers Pod is a great option. This super versatile, 12-by-13-foot structure offers plenty of space split into one bathroom, one 4-by-6-foot bedroom and one 9-by-6-foot living space. Everything is included, making this a quick and easy project.

hud ez buildings non professionally campers pod


5. Allwood Arlanda XL Studio Cabin


We love the contemporary look of this tiny house kit as well as the fact that it can fit in a narrow lot as it’s laid out to be long instead of wide. While it’s not the largest structure on our list, it offers a nice balance between space and price point. The interior offers 193 square feet of living space. As a bonus, the front windows reach nearly from the ceiling to the floor, providing an abundance of light and making this a great option as a studio.

tiny house kits allwood arlanda


6. Hud-1 EZ Buildings House D.I.Y. Building Kit


We never said that building a tiny house was going to be cheap. It’s generally quite the opposite, especially when you consider that your house will likely need to have sewage, gas and electric installed. Still, if you have more than $50k to spend on the structure, we’d recommend checking out this Hud-1 house. The 364-square-foot home boasts vaulted ceilings, 106 feet of head space and gorgeous French doors.

tiny house kits hud buildings ez house


7. The Seattle Tiny Small Home Steel Frame Building Kit


This tiny home kit is also available via The Home Depot, and compared ot the other options we’ve presented, it’s actually quite affordable. This steel frame home kit has 200 sq. ft., which can be relatively roomy compared to some tiny homes. It also looks less like a log cabin or children’s play house and more like a modern home.

tiny home kit from the home depot


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