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To the Drawing Board: 5 Essential Whiteboard Supplies Under $15

* Ideal for the home or office
* Jot down ideas and reminders
* All under $15

Whether you’re a student looking to brainstorm ideas for an upcoming presentation or a working professional in search for an efficient way to increase productivity and creativity, whiteboards are an affordable and easy solution when it comes to organizing your thoughts, reminders and ideas all in one place.

Ready to de-clutter your brain? Here are 5 essential whiteboard supplies to conquer your next white board session–at home or in the office–for under $15.

1. Whiteboard Liquid Cleaner

As useful as whiteboards may be, with frequent use, sometimes they can get messy. That’s where the certified AP non-toxic Whiteboard Liquid Cleaner from Expo comes in. It keeps your whiteboard looking like new. One spray and it removes stubborn marks, grease, dirt and shadowing.


2. Ladybug Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser

Give your whiteboard a playful personality with the Ladybug Whiteboard Eraser. It adds a colorful charm in the conference room to the classroom. Each eraser measures approximately 3.75″ and sticks to any magnetic surface.


3. Whiteboard Grid Marking Tape

Add lines and organize your thoughts faster and better with the handy Whiteboard Grid Marking Tape from Outus. Its ultra thin design makes it easy to adjust and cut the length you want. When not in use on your whiteboard, this versatile grid marking tape can also create lines for scrapbooks, journals, fashion designs and other paper crafts.


4. Magnetic Pen Holders, 4-Pack

Innovative and stylish, these durable Magnetic Pen Holders are made with 100% stainless steel that sticks to any whiteboard (or any other magnetic surfaces) perfectly so you can avoid the dreaded misplaced markers during an important presentation or a team brainstorming session. Each set comes with 4 pen holders.


5. Dry Erase Markers and Eraser 6-Slot Rack

If you recently purchase a whiteboard for your home or the office, consider keeping all your accessories in one easy-to-find place with this handy 6-slot caddy from MyGift. This 2-tier deluxe rack can be used as a free-standing organizer or attached to the wall by your whiteboard housing up to 6 dry erase markers and 1 eraser.

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