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Use One of the Best Toilet Papers and Treat Your Butt to a Softer Ride

What could be more important than finding the best toilet paper when it comes to top-quality household supplies? This daily hygiene must-have often gets overlooked when it comes to searching for the best, but now’s the time to reconsider what’s in your house and give real thought to which is best suited to your needs and environmentally responsible.

If, until now, you’ve been of the mind that says toilet paper is just toilet paper, it’s time to have a rethink. Here are a few of the qualities you should consider when deciding on the best toilet paper to keep in your bathroom:

  • Softness – Thinner toilet paper is generally less soft, which, although it might not be what you’re aiming to wipe with, can be a good way of training those who over-use to limit their consumption. Most toilet paper is between one and three-ply, which refers to the number of layers in each sheet. In general, the more layers, the greater the softness.
  • Price – This one may seem obvious, but when you consider the amount of toilet paper you go through in a year and the wide range of price points, it can prove worthwhile to your bank balance to check out quality vs. quantity when it comes to the price tag of your chosen toilet paper.
  • Wet Strength – You don’t want toilet paper that disintegrates in your hands. However, you do want toilet paper that will dissolve easily into water and move smoothly through your pipes. The wet strength indicates how much water toilet paper can hold and absorb before becoming weak and falling apart. This is a priority when considering how much toilet paper you need to use each bathroom visit.

How Much Toilet Paper Should You Use?

Every toilet situation is slightly different, whether you’re spending a few seconds for a number one or a little longer for a number two. Children and teenagers are particularly well known for overusing toilet paper. As we get older and become more conscious of cost and environmental waste, we better understand how much toilet paper to use and why. It’s also a good idea to know the amount of toilet paper that is least likely to cause plumbing issues, as these may lead to further unexpected repair costs and callout charges. Every toilet has its limit, but as a rule of thumb, you should use a maximum of up to 15 squares per flush. So, if you get to 15 squares and haven’t quite finished, you may want to consider a half-time flush to help the system out.

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Is the Toilet Roll Sustainable?

Although some leading toilet brands have dipped their toes into the idea of producing more sustainable toilet paper and packaging, the most significant breakthrough has been the emergence of bamboo toilet paper alternatives. Brands such as Reel and Cloud Paper have made it possible to buy and use environmentally friendly toilet paper in your home.

What Is Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Unlike the types of trees traditionally used for producing toilet paper, bamboo has a much faster growth rate, making it ready for harvesting in just three years. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be replanted after said harvest; it will just continue to grow from the same shoot and continue to grow. For these reasons, bamboo toilet paper is a much more eco-friendly product than traditional toilet paper.

What Is a Septic Safe Toilet Paper?

Buying septic-safe toilet paper is a wise move as it helps to eliminate the potential for blocked toilets and plumbing issues. When a brand refers to their toilet paper as septic safe, they let you know the product is designed to dissolve faster and break down even more than your average toilet paper. This even happens when less water is present in the toilet system.

Below we have rounded up eight of the best toilet papers available to order online. There are brands to suit all budgets and levels of desired softness. One thing all the products have in common is their customer-backed quality and ability to be delivered straight to your door.


1. Presto! Amazon Brand Mega Roll Toilet Paper


You can flush away any worries about finding the best toilet paper when you have this Presto! Amazon Brand Mega Roll Toilet Paper in your home. These long-lasting rolls are made from two-ply sheets, which can last for twice as long as other alternatives with the same number of sheets. This Amazon-endorsed brand focuses entirely on delivering a reputable balance of softness and strength, supported by over 65,000 five-star ratings from customers who already love the product.

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2. Charmin Essentials Strong Toilet Paper


Charmin Essentials Strong Toilet Paper offers a budget-friendly solution to better bathroom supplies. These mega rolls are up to four times the length and three times the strength of most standard toilet paper rolls, making it more absorbent and longer-lasting. The one-ply thickness allows for the lower price point without compromising on the paper’s strength when in your hand. However, you will likely notice this toilet paper isn’t as soft as other, more luxurious toilet paper options.

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3. Solimo Amazon Brand Toilet Paper


With over 60,000 five-star ratings from existing Amazon customers, Solimo Amazon Brand Toilet Paper is a reliable and tried-and-tested answer for your toilet paper needs. It’s an excellent choice for families as it balances a budget-friendly price, it’s suitable for septic systems, and it feels soft on your behind. Plus, it’s made with pulp from responsibly sourced trees as part of the sustainable forestry initiative Solimo is committed to. This means this paper is less damaging to the environment than many other traditional toilet paper choices.

86,000+ Reviews
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4. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper


If softness is your priority, then the Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper is for you. It combines wavy-rippled cushioning, effective cleaning power, and impressive wet strength to deliver toilet paper that is hard to beat. It also dissolves once finished, helping to avoid any plumbing issues. And while the best quality does come at a cost, if your budget can cover it, we are confident you’re going to notice the difference.

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5. Angel Soft Double Rolls Toilet Paper


One of the best ways to upgrade your toilet paper selection is by opting for a scented paper like this Angel Soft Double Rolls Toilet Paper. Their scented tubes are wrapped with double the number of sheets as the brand’s standard rolls, making them capable of lasting twice as long and meaning you only need to change them half as much. The addition of a subtle-yet-fresh linen scented finish on this toilet roll doesn’t take away from the usual qualities you’d expect to find in one of the best toilet papers, either. This toilet paper is kind to your wallet, your butt and your nose.

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6. Cloud Paper Tree-Free Toilet Paper


To top off the eco-friendliness of Cloud Paper Tree-Free Toilet Paper, it also offers a user-friendly subscription service. At the point of purchase, you can select from the regularity of subscription to suit the size of your household. Its packaging is entirely recyclable and compostable, thanks to the fact it doesn’t contain any plastic. With a Cloud Paper subscription, you don’t need to worry about damaging the planet with your toilet paper choice, or unexpectedly running out of it, either.

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Image courtesy of Cloud Paper


7. REEL Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper


Each roll of REEL Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper comes individually wrapped for easy and aesthetically pleasing storage. All of the materials used to create this eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper are made entirely from bamboo and are therefore more sustainable. This product’s increased awareness helps reduce your carbon footprint as no trees are used during the production process. REEL takes care of your butt and the environment, too.

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8. Quilted Northern Ultra Soft Toilet Paper


Indulge in toilet paper luxury with Quilted Northern Ultra Soft Toilet Paper. Its thick sheets offer a comfortable user experience and noticeably increased absorption, making it possible to use up to four times less than other lower-quality options. Less consumption means less time spent shopping for toilet paper and less time changing the rolls. Plus, for every tree used to make this toilet paper, Quilted Northern plant three more. Choosing this toilet paper means you can ease your environmental conscience while enjoying a more comfortable bathroom experience at the same time.

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