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Take The Plunge With Tom Dixon’s French Press

* From the designer of the Cappellini S-chair
* Brews up to six cups of coffee
* A brushed stainless steel interior insures a smooth plunge

The perfect cup of coffee may not exist. It might even be a myth. That, however, is a discussion for a later date. Instead, let’s talk about British designer Tom Dixon’s Brew Cafetiere (a.k.a. a French press and a plethora of other names). Is there anything more elegant than a copper coffee pot?

Truth be told, Dixon’s Brew Cafetiere isn’t solid copper and that’s perfectly fine. It’s actually lined with brushed stainless steel and finished by “condensing vaporized copper” on the outside, which is another way of saying that it’s plated. And that’s okay because you can make six cups of coffee in it. Or simply stare at it because it looks that good.

What we really want to know about the Brew Cafetiere is how easily it plunges. According to Dixon, his coffee maker is precision-engineered to ensure a smooth pour and plunge every time.

Here’s a tried and true, step-by-step guide on the “right” way to make coffee in a French press.

Step 1. The grind you use is important and for a French press, you’ll want to use a coarse grind. About eight tablespoons will do.
Step 2. Just before your kettle starts to whistle, pull it off the stove and fill your French press about a third of the way. Start a timer for about four minutes while you’re at it.
Step 3. About forty five seconds into your wait, stir the grinds, and top off with the rest of the water.
Step 4. When the timer goes off…plunge!
Step 5. Enjoy.

From the iconic British furniture and accessories designer, the Tom Dixon French Press is a handsome addition to your kitchen counter, adding a weighty, luxe and well-designed piece to your everyday small appliances. Buy one now and start brewing up something good.

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