Buy a Touchless Trash Can and Stop Touching That Gross Garbage Can Lid

best touchless trash cans
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Emptying the trash has to rank as one of the worst and most unhygienic household chores. Not only does it involve removing a potentially smelly, trash-filled bag, you also run the risk of coming into contact with the bag’s contents and that disgusting juice which often forms at the bottom of the trash bag. It should come as little surprise that many people hate taking out the trash.

Beyond this chore, many don’t like touching the trash can itself. These household fixtures often harbor germs and bacteria you don’t want on your hands.

To minimize this interaction and keep touching down to a minimum, it’s a great idea to add a touchless trash can to your kitchen. These handy devices come in both manual and automatic models, and, aside from fitting and removing the bag, they ensure you don’t have to come into contact with the can or bag at all. This lack of contact raises hygiene levels in the kitchen and is especially convenient if you’ve been cutting meat or other potentially bacteria-filled items and don’t want any residues left on the trash can itself.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the seven best trash cans on Amazon. Options include both manual, foot-controlled garbage cans as well as automatic options, which only require a wave of the hand or foot to start the opening process.

1. iTouchless Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can


With over 5,500 five-star reviews on Amazon, the iTouchless Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can is easily the most popular option on our list. It boasts an automatic opening mechanism with status indicator lights and Reflx technology, which prevents the lid from closing on your hand. The included AbsorbX Odor Filter absorbs unwanted odors to keep your kitchen smelling fresh while the 12-inch opening ensures even the largest of trash items can be disposed of without a problem. You can also choose between powering this garbage can with batteries or the included AC power adapter.

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2. AmazonBasics Rectangle Soft-Close Trash Can


If you prefer a manual, touchless option, then the AmazonBasics Rectangle Soft-Close Trash Can is the choice for you. The sleek, black design won’t look out of place in any kitchen, and the 32-liter capacity provides plenty of space for storing all of your trash. You’ll also find a soft-close lid to prevent unpleasant noise during the opening and closing process. The internal plastic bucket can be removed for easy emptying, and the non-slip rubber feet help to prevent unwanted movement during use.

touchless trash can amazonbasics Image courtesy of Amazon


3. FDW Kitchen Trash Can


The FDW Kitchen Trash Can sports an attractive design and is constructed from high-quality stainless steel. It features advanced technology, which prevents the obnoxious noise associated with the opening and closing operation you hear in many other competing trash cans. The 13-gallon capacity is large enough to store even a large household’s trash, and the removable lid makes fitting and removing the bag a whole lot easier. The versatile design makes this trash can a great option for any room of the house, including bedrooms, offices and living rooms.

touchless trash can fdw Image courtesy of Amazon


4. hOmeLabs Automatic Trash Can


With its sleek and rectangular design, the hOmeLabs Automatic Trash Can adds a touch of class to any room of the house. The two-piece lid delivers a fast-acting, motion detector alongside a manual option for when it’s required. The garbage can is available in either a 13 or 21 gallon option and sports a fingerprint-free, stainless steel exterior. For easy emptying, this model features a smart ring bag, helping to prevent any unnecessary contact with the bin’s contents.

touchless trash can homelabs Image courtesy of Amazon


5. SONGMICS Step Trash Can


In the modern age of recycling, it only makes sense that your trash can features more than a single, throw-everything-in-one-place compartment. In the SONGMICS Step Trash Can, you’ll have a double compartment bin, and each compartment will have its own functioning pedal. The design also sports slow-closing lids for minimal noise and handles at either end for easy transporting around the house. This trash can is also available in three different color options: black, silver and brown.

touchless trash can songmics Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Home Zone Living Sensor Trash Can


Sporting a silent opening and closing mechanism, an adjustable sensor and a sleek silver design, the Home Zone Living Sensor Trash Can has it all. It’s available in either a dual 50-liter or 68-liter option, depending on the needs of your family. The infrared motion sensor can be set off with the wave of your hand, giving you an easy way to deposit trash without coming into contact with the garbage can. There’s also a four-second delayed close, and the option to keep the lid open longer using the button on the rim.

touchless trash can homezone Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Simplehuman Dual Compartment Recycler


The Simplehuman Stainless Steel Dual Compartment Recycler 200 is available in six different color options, including white, black, rose gold and brass. It boasts over 1,500 five-star reviews from users and sports a double-compartment design, making it ideal for households who recycle. Each individual compartment has its own lid and carrying handle for easy trash can emptying. The wide steel pedal lifts the main lid and features a slow-closing mechanism to minimize noise.

touchless trash can simplehuman Image courtesy of Amazon


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