The Best Towel Bars Are A Subtle Way To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Best Towel bars
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There’s nothing quite as refreshing as taking a shower. Unfortunately, that good clean feeling is often immediately undone by using a towel that isn’t as fresh as it could be. It can be hard to keep up regular laundering, especially considering that the recommended washing for towels is after every three or four uses. The best way to extend the time between washings is to properly hang your towels.

Of all the ways to hang your linens, towel bars are the best way to make sure your towel properly dries. Hooks and rings cause towels to be bunched up, which prevents them from getting an even dry. The only drawback with bars is that they take up a lot of space. If you have a small bathroom that a lot of people go in and out of, you might not have enough space for 3 or 4 towels to be on towel bars.

With those space limitations in mind, we picked out a few towel bars of different sizes. That includes one cleverly designed and compact option that folds out to hold wet towels and can lie flat for dry ones. Another option on this list is a complete matching set that includes hooks, rings, and towel bars of varying lengths.


1. Moen Bathroom Single Towel Bar

Moen is one of the best-known and most highly regarded names in bathroom fixtures. This 24-inch towel bar is available in brushed nickel or chrome, and it has a sophisticated and understated look. The towel bar is shipped with mounting hardware for easy installation.

Pros: Classic, sophisticated design from a reliable brand.

Cons: Only includes one towel bar. Some reviewers were displeased with the included mounting hardware.

Moen towel bar Amazon


2. KES Swivel Towel Bar

This smart option has swiveling arms that rotate 180°. That means they can be flush against the wall when the towels or dry, or extended when they’re holding wet towels. The listing makes it easy to choose between racks that have between 2 and 6 arms.

Pros: Smart space-saving design. Arms rotate a full 180°.

Cons: The arms are only 13 inches long, so they’re a little short for bath towels that aren’t folded.

Kes Towel bar Amazon


3. Franklin Brass 5-Piece Towel Bar Accessory Set

This affordable set is the easiest way to make sure all of your bathroom hardware matches. It comes with 5 pieces that are available in satin nickel, polished chrome, or oil rubbed bronze. The set includes a 24-inch towel bar, an 18-inch towel bar, a toilet paper holder, a towel ring, and a wall hook.

Pros: Full set of bathroom fixtures for a very affordable price, available in a unique oil rubbed bronze, classic polished chrome, or understated satin nickel.

Cons: Bars can rotate in their brackets, and they’re not the most heavy-duty.

Franklin brass towel bar Amazon