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The Expandable Transformer Table Can Seat Up to 12 Guests and Shrink Down for Easy Storage

Remember when we could have a whole bunch of people over without worrying about contracting a potentially deadly virus? Same. Those truly were the days. Cooking up a giant dinner and serving it to guests is one of my favorite things to do, and filling up a dining room table with friends? There’s no better feeling.

We’re inching our way back towards those days, so I want you to be prepared for the SECOND you’re allowed to have people into your home again. One of the biggest conundrums of hosting is adequate seating. If you live in a small apartment, or even if your apartment is normally inhabited by just two people, having a giant dining room table is largely unnecessary. They take up space, and if you’re only eating dinner with two people per night you want something smaller to avoid sitting on opposite ends of the table like in tense movie scenes.

Expandable dining room tables are largely the answer to this call, as they provide the convenience of extendability with the ease of storage when you’re done. And, one of my favorite expandable tables right now is the Transformer Table.

The Transformer Table 3.0

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Courtesy of Transformer Table


The Transformer Table is designed to be a table you can use for any occasion. It’s a removable leaf-style of expandable dining table that can seat up to 12 guests, or just two guests in its smallest size.

It’s made of 100% hardwood and comes in four different finishes — including Siberian Birch, a greyish tone, Canadian Dark Oak, American Mahogany and Australian Acacia.

The table has six different adjustable sizes you can choose between, including:

  • Your Time, 1 seat, 18″ long
  • Romantic Time, 4 seats, 38″ long
  • Family Time, 6 seats, 58″ long
  • Friends Time, 8 seats, 78″ long
  • Feast Time, 10 seats, 98″ long
  • Party Time, 12 seats, 118″ long
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Courtesy of Transformer Table
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Transformer Table

Each table has been treated with clear ceramic lacquer that makes it highly resistant to water and stains. It also makes the surface of the wood resistant to heat, so you’re less likely to leave rings underneath your coffee cup in the morning.

The table is versatile, easy to adjust and looks beautiful in any decor. The Transformer Table is currently available to order on their website in all colors.