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On The Ranch Or At Home, This Triangle Dinner Bell Will Gather Everyone ‘Round The Table

* Handmade dinner bell using traditional design
* Produced from forged iron for toughness and durability
* Made in the USA and guaranteed for life

Whether on the ranch or at home, this dinner bell is a fun way to get everyone’s attention. Ideal for those who need to be heard, the Logan Ranch Dinner Bell was originally used to summon people from miles around the ranch to let them know that hot food was on the table. Whether the women of the house were bringing the ranchers in for lunch or the family in for supper, this rugged bell was capable of getting the attention they sought.

Today, American company Jacob Bromwell provides a historically accurate and handmade bell, using the original design and processes which were free from welding and soldering. Still perfect for every day use or even as a historical collector’s piece, the ranch dinner bell would look great hanging from your porch, stored in a display case, or by the kitchen cabinet ready for ringing.

Every bell possesses its own unique marks and distressing, giving you a product full of depth and individual charm. Not only do Jacob Bromwell bells come with a guarantee for life, these American-made pieces also come with an unbreakable guarantee. No matter how many times or how hard you strike your dinner bell, the forged iron won’t give way.

You may find plenty of imitators who try to create dinner bells with the same high quality, but no one can match the high standards of the Jacob Bromwell Logan Ranch Dinner Bell. It’s time to gather everyone around the table.

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