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Cool Coils: The 4 Best-Reviewed Colorful Twist Ties For Unique Fasten-ation

* These twist ties provide a unique way to fasten your items
* Designs include standard black, special sayings and a range of colors
* All 4 options have great reviews on Amazon

Paper clips, rubber bands, tape and more… When it comes to fastening items together, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you are looking for something unique, it may be worth giving one of these twist tie options a try. Not only are each of these twist ties well reviewed, they are also budget-friendly and come in large quantities that should keep you stocked up for months. In addition, the twist ties are available in a range of designs from black to metallic colors, as well as an “Especially For You” design – great for gifting!

1. Sago Brothers Metallic Twist Ties

These Sago Brothers Metallic twist ties are a fun way to fasten your bags, cables and papers together. They are available in a range of 6 shiny colors, including red, blue, gold and silver. Or, for those who love having a choice and hate running out of anything, a 1200 piece pack with 200 of each color is available. These fasteners are a fun way to add an extra dimension to your arts and crafts, too. Each metallic tie is 4 inches in length.


2. Sago Brothers Black Twist Ties

If color isn’t really your thing, stick with these plain black ties to complete your fastening needs. The Sago Brothers ties come in a 500 count bulk bag and are great for around-the-house chores, like sealing food bags, grouping flowers and organizing wires behind the TV. Each of the 5-inch ties is built to last thanks to a plastic coating around a strong central wire.


3. LLdecor Twist Ties

For occasions when you want someone to know how special they really are, these LLdecor twist ties are ideal. Printed with “Especially For You” repeatedly along each tie, the recipient is sure to notice the extra effort you made just for them. These twist ties ideal for fastening gift bags, plants and even jewelry to anything. Plus, they are high-quality thanks to their thick core wire, which makes them more durable and reusable.


4. Ceeyali Reusable Wire Organizer

These Ceeyali organizers are great for tying your ties or cables together. Whether it’s all your twist ties or the mess of cables behind your TV, these velcro strips can be reused over and over. The wire organizers are available in black or a range of bright colors.

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