Wash Like a Boss: The Ultimate SPY Guide to Hacking Your Laundry

ultimate laundry hack guide
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* Explore the best and easiest ways to get your clothes spotless
* Learn how to clean your washing machine to keep it performing at its best
* Products include the best laundry detergents, wool dryer balls and more

Doing laundry isn’t exactly a chore we’re all eager to do (let’s be real), but since it’s something that needs to be done, why not wash like a boss? Read on for a no-spin guide to hacking your laundry — from the best specialty laundry detergents to genius tips on washing your favorite jeans and everything in between.


How to Clean Your Laundry Machine


It might not be something you’d thought about before reading this, but your washer and dryer should be cleaned at least once a month. It will make them more effective and will keep them from breaking down or having issues down the road. See below for 4 easy solutions to help keep them clean and in proper working condition.

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SPY Guide: How to Clean Your Laundry Machine


The Best Specialty Laundry Detergents


Not all laundry detergents are created equal. In fact, some of the best laundry detergents aren’t even found on the shelves at your local grocer. Here are our favorite specialty options designed to used with certain fabrics.

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Wash & Learn: 6 Best Specialty Laundry Detergents


Slim Laundry Bags for Small Space


If you’re tight on space with nowhere to store a bulky laundry basket, we have a selection of laundry bags that save space. Check out the link below for laundry bags that are especially useful for those who prefer options that take up a minimal amount of room.

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Lean Laundry: 7 Slim Laundry Bags For Small Spaces


The Best Way to Wash Your Jeans


We’ve all been there: your go-to pair of jeans are dirty or stinky, but you can’t put them in the wash. You don’t want to fade that perfect wash and worn-in texture, but at the same time, you can’t walk around smelling like dirty jeans. Thankfully, denim lovers have come up with some clever solutions to this problem. Check out the best products and techniques to freshen up your jeans without putting them in the wash in the story linked below.

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How To Wash Your Jeans (Without Throwing Them In The Wash)


Parachute Wool Dryer Balls


An eco-conscious alternative, Parachute’s set of three wool dryer balls comes packaged in a muslin bag and are the perfect alternative to your landfill destined traditional dryer sheets. For only $19, you won’t have to think about dryer sheets for at least one thousand cycles. Find out more information below.

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Cut Your Laundry Time in Half With These Wool Dryer Balls


The Best Way to Wash Your Lingerie and Delicates in The Machine


While hand washing delicates is the safest best if you want to avoid ruining your favorite bra and panties, it’s also time consuming and inconvenient. Fortunately, it is possible to use a washing machine if you don’t have the time or the space to hand wash your items. For the easiest and simplest way to clean your delicates take a look at these handy washing tools linked in the story below.

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Here’s The Best Way to Wash Your Lingerie and Delicates in The Machine


Wash Your Clothes and Dry Them at the Same Time


The Mini Twin Tub washing machine can wash and dry loads at the same time. Move clothes straight from the washer to the spinner, or run both simultaneously to save even more time. The 1300RPM powerful motor means that the washer only has to run for fifteen minutes per load, while the spin cycle gets clothes dry in as little as five minutes. Get more details and shop in the link below.

Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine Image courtesy of Amazon

This Laundry Machine Will Wash & Dry Your Clothes At The Same Time