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Umbra’s Adorable Toothbrush Holder Organizer Adds A Touch of Grass to Your Bathroom

Finding a toothbrush holder that can organize not just toothbrushes but also the toothpaste, razors, makeup brushes and other sink-side self-care items is nearly impossible. Enter, Umbra, the innovative, design-driven home goods company that specializes in reinventing everyday items, with its space-saving Grassy Organizer – the ultimate solution for storing life’s necessities.

With a near five-star review on Amazon and hundreds of fans, the Grassy Organizer has dozens of uses beyond organizing toothbrushes. Put it on your desk to hold pens, your bedside to hold remote controls and reading glasses or any place where you need an organizer for small items.

Made out of easy-to-clean, fast-drying molded plastic, the Grassy Organizer’s smart design featuring flexible blades of “grass” encourages air circulation and prevents water from pooling, making it especially well-suited for bathroom use. The space between the sturdy plastic blades accommodates items of varying sizes, shapes and widths including electric toothbrushes, tubes, markers and highlighters. A petite 6” x 4,” Umbra’s toothbrush organizer fits perfectly on narrow sink tops and other small spaces.

For more creative uses for Umbra’s Grassy Organizer, be sure to check out Amazon’s

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