Space Savers: 8 Under Bed Storage Options for Stashing Your Stuff

Best Under Bed Storage Options
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* Under bed containers offers a space saving alternative for storing your stuff
* These eight options come in all different shapes and sizes for every bed type
* Waterproof and dust-proof, your stuff will stay safe while in these storage boxes

Steal some extra room around the house by maximizing your space under the bed. We’ve compiled a list of the best quality and most efficient storage options to provide you with an easy way to clear out those space killing items. Whether it’s your bulky skiing gear or your excess winter bedding, you’ll find it right where you need it when you start using these under bed storage options.

1. Dokehom Zippable Storage Bag

Available in a variety of colors to match your bedspread, this rugged bag is made for storing a range of items including clothes, comforters, bedding and toys. The waterproof, dust-resistant material means you need not worry about leaving these bags alone for months, and the double handles make moving the bags a breeze when required.

2 months
All the bed storages are awesome. I personally prefer Zober Underbed Storage Bag. Thank you.

2 months
All the bed storages are awesome. I personally prefer Zober Underbed Storage Bag. Thank you.
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2. Zober Underbed Storage Bag

With a flattened shape and easy pull handles, the Zober Underbed Storage Bag has been specifically designed as an under bed storage solution. It also sports high-quality, nonwoven polypropylene body and a clear plastic top cover that makes identifying what’s inside a cinch.

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3. SamiTime Bamboo Under Bed Zippered Bags

This set of two zippered bags features everything you need for under bed storage. Easy grasp handles, a clear viewing cover and a double zipper design mean you’ll always find accessing your things as easy as possible. These bags are also made from a grade SS bamboo, non-woven material for the most eco-friendly build available.

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4. Sorbus Foldable Drawer Dividers

This four-piece organizer kit allows you to easily store all your smaller items either in your drawers or under your bed. The bins are durable, collapsible and made from moisture-resistant, mold-proof material.

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5. South Shore Storit Canvas Box

Built from rigid and durable canvas, this Storit box fits under most beds, including South Shore platform beds. The handles sewn into the side allow for easy access to the box. In addition, the provided label space is an extra benefit of this canvas box, so you’ll never forget what items you put where.

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6. IRIS 50 Quart Buckle Up Box

While bulkier than foldable storage containers, this IRIS box has a large, 50-quart capacity. This waterproof container has buckle up sides for extra security and is designed to fit under most beds.

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7. Ikea Skubb Under Bed Storage Box

Designed by everyone’s favorite furniture brand, these IKEA Skubb storage boxes are simple and straightforward. The polyester exterior can be folded flat, but when propped up and loaded down, the top zips to create a smooth seal that prevents snags when storing the box under the bed.

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8. Collapsible Clothes Organizer Basket Bins

Conveniently collapsible, these organizer basket bins are designed in pastels with polka dots to be cute under the bed or out in the open. Each includes a removable divider board so that the baskets can hold either small items when the board is in place or larger items when the board has been removed.

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