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This $15 Under The Cabinet Jar Opener Hides Your Lack of Bicep Muscles From Dinner Guests

* Liberation from the un-openable jar
* No need to be ashamed of your lack of biceps
* Easily installs under kitchen cabinets

Even if you don’t remember those “Charles Atlas” ads in the back of old comic books, chiding you for being a “98 pound weakling,” there are no shortage of places to find dysmorphia-inducing muscle shaming in today’s society. We have endless Instagram “transformation stories,” we have people getting butt implants, we have people going on dangerous and/or unproven, poorly studied diets and drugs.

But what, in today’s world, do you even need massive biceps for anyway? Now that nobody even changes their own tires, it seems, in fact, that humans have been trading brawn for brains for about the last thousand or so years. This under cabinet jar opener is a great example.

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Opening tightly sealed jars of tomato sauce, preserves and capers has long been the bane of small cooks everywhere, and now, thanks to the same kind of brainy ingenuity that liberated our distant ancestors from having to break up hippo bones with their teeth and saved us all from looking like Gaston, we have a solution that works for even the unduly shamed 98 pounders among us.

And not just the tiny, but those who live with them, can appreciate the wonder of this mechanical jar opener, too. If you work from home and have often had intellectual pursuits interrupted by a request to open a jar, you might welcome this liberating convenience. After all, just because you may still posses the atavistic grip strength of a Neanderthal, doesn’t mean such beast of burden tasks are all you’re good for. This jar opener is easy to install and fits out of sight under your kitchen cabinets, just like a built-in bottle opener.

Made in the USA, the bottle opener affixes to any spot using a peel-and-stick adhesive and three screws. Simply place your lid inside the V-shaped grip and press firmly into place. A simple twist of the wrist is all you need to open your bottle. Don’t believe how easy it is to use? Take it from the nearly 2700 reviewers who have given this EZ Off Jar Opener almost all five-star reviews.

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