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Bring the Île-de-France to Your Kitchen With This Small Accessory

* Vintage style holder for your kitchen utensils
* An ideal accessory for French-inspired kitchens
* Tough concrete build that won’t tip under pressure

This beautiful utensil holder could be the exact piece of the puzzle you’ve been searching for. With its simple yet eye-catching design, the classy crock is also a great addition to French-inspired kitchen spaces and a simple way to make some extra room in your drawers.

Measuring 7 x 5.5 inches, the Mud Pie Utensil Crock is meant to sit next to your stove or sink. The design looks great in any vintage, European-themed kitchen, but would best compliment spaces decorated with a French Provincial or shabby chic style.

The holder is crafted from heavy duty concrete, which makes this crock weighty enough to store every kind of utensil without tipping. The open display pot also makes grabbing your most used utensils a whole lot quicker when things are getting hot in the kitchen.

Furthermore, the concrete wall is printed with ‘Utensiles – Paris, France 1893’’ to add to the Parisian feel. It’s probably important to note that “utensiles” is not a proper translation, but rather, a combination of the French word “ustensiles” and the English word “utensils.” Yes, it’s a misspelling, but it adds to the conversation-starting personality of this piece.

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