This $35 Plug-In Eliminates 98% of Germs From the Air

Best Plug-In Air Freshener: Get Rid
Image courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond
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Designed for sanitization as well as odor and allergen control, the GermGuaridan pluggable UV-C sanitizer is an inexpensive, low-maintenance air purifier that actually has a measurable effect. It may look like it was designed for Kubrick’s space station, but it uses proven and reliable old-school UV light technology, which has been employed to sterilize scientific and medical facilities for over a century.

That way, the UV-C sanitizer rids the air of 98% of pathogens and allergy-causing microbes. Because it keeps bacterial growth in check, it also helps deodorize a room. Requiring minimal maintenance, the UV-C sanitizer has no filters to change or tanks to refill. A single long-lasting UV-C bulb and a 110V wall outlet are all you need to ensure up to five years of steady air purification.

UV-C sanitizer one Courtesy Bed Bath & Beyond

The UV-C santizer is safe for areas near litter boxes and is a favorite for unobtrusive bathroom odor control. It can be used in pet playrooms, nurseries and baby changing areas, too, helping keep the air in the house fresh and smelling clean. The GermGuardian UV-C sanitizer even includes a USB port allowing it to double as a phone charger wall-plug!

Thanks to its compact and clean design, it fits in with most decor schemes and doesn’t call too much attention to itself. It’s quiet in operation and nearly unnoticeable, but does provide a real reduction in the levels of allergens and odor-bearing bacteria in the air.

So while scientists are always looking for ways to avert the next pandemic, you can at least subdue the fetid miasma of the litter box area or the changing room thanks to the proven UV-C technology in this plug-in air sanitizer.

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