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Upgrade Your Pantry With Dave’s Vanilla Coffee Syrup

* Deliciously thick and sweet, no bitter after taste
* Made from natural Brazilian coffee beans
* Goes great with dessert

As the culinary scene gets more and more creative, chefs are using coffee in unique and innovative ways like never before. Menus across the world now have everything from coffee cake, to coffee ancho chile sauce, to coffee-rubbed steak. There are countless ways to enhance the coffee experience, both savory and sweet.

This Madagascar vanilla coffee syrup from Dave’s Coffee enhances the flavor of any dessert, cocktail, drink or dish. The Rhode Island-based brewer creates this delicious concoction by mixing all-natural Brazilian coffee beans with pure vanilla beans. The coffee beans are roasted, ground and cold brewed for 18 hours in small batches. Next, the cold brew is mixed with pure cane sugar and simmered for two hours until it turns into thick, golden brown syrup. The vanilla is the perfect finishing touch.

Drizzle the syrup over ice-cream, use it to marinate chicken, or bake it into your breads and muffins. Or, blend it with fresh milk to make a traditional Rhode Island treat (“Coffee milk” is the official state drink of Rhode Island).

If you’re a fan of Starbucks’ vanilla flavored coffee, it’s time you treat yourself to an upgrade. This all-natural, thick coffee syrup from Dave’s is less sugary-sweet than the generic Starbucks stuff. It’ll be your new go-to cooking secret, whether you’re making yourself a delicious cup of coffee, or fixing up something a little more special.

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