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Flawless Makeup Application Has Never Been Easier Using These Vanity Lights

Proper lighting is a must when it comes proper or professional-quality makeup application. Without it, you risk making minor and major mistakes all too easily. Luckily, some genius invented the vanity light, and our world is now all the better for it.

Below are some vanity lighting kits and easy-to-apply strips that will make creating a DIY lighting experience simple and convenient. These vanity lights produce bright and natural white light which helps to remove shadows and evenly light your face, creating a flattering makeup experience. These lights even come in dimmable options which allow you to completely adjust the brightness of the bulb at your convenience, giving you the option to set your lighting mood during makeup application.

These professionally-approved lights are safe, easy to install and do not require extensive electrical knowledge. Extra-strong adhesive is included to properly keep the lights stuck to your mirror or wall and you can add and remove lights as you see fit. Additionally, these multipurpose lights can be used on windowsills, dressing rooms, and bathrooms.

1. Chende LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

Chende’s Vanity Mirror Lights is a DIY-style lighting kit and comes with 10 dimmable LED light bulbs that are soft, making makeup easier to apply while being easy on the eyes. This kit is easy to install, simply adhere the lights directly to your mirror, mirror frame or wall and adjust the length between the bulbs to your liking. In addition, these lights come with a smart on/off touch dimmer switch to help adjust the brightness for the ideal makeup application.

Pros: In addition to applying makeup, these lights can be used as fill light, decoration lighting and for shooting media.

Cons: The mirror is not included.

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2. Nuvo Lighting SF77/196 Five Light Vanity

The Nuvo Lighting Vanity Wall Unit comes with five transitional vanity and wall lights that offer soft, incandescent light and are compatible with 40-100-watt bulbs. Easy to install for any DIY vanity project, these lights drill onto any wall or around your mirror with minimal effort and require some simple electrical work to turn them on.

Pros: They come in a polished chrome finish that easily matches most decor styles.

Cons: The bulbs are not included.

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3. Brightown LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

The Brightown Vanity Mirror Lights Kit comes with 10 dimmable LED light bulbs which produce bright and natural white lighting to evenly light your face for a perfect application. The smart touch dimmer allows you to customize and adjust the brightness of your LED lights. What’s more it comes with a memory function at the end of the light bulb to give you power to control the brightness to your desired level. Included in this kit are 10 dimmable bulbs, a power supply, a one-touch dimmer and an instruction manual for easy installation.

Pros: In addition to vanities, these lights work in other places such as on windowsills, dressing rooms, and bathrooms.

Cons: These lights stick on with adhesive which can be a little finicky.

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