Fall Refresh: How to Add Texture to Your Home With Velvet Accents

Velvet home decor
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* Velvet is one of 2017’s biggest trends in both fashion and home décor
* Velvet looks luxe and adds texture to any space
* Unlike leather and fabrics, velvet looks even better with age

Not only is velvet trending in apparel this season, but it’s also making a resurgence in the home sector as well. If you think velvet looks gaudy and over-the-top, think again. This versatile material adds texture to your space, giving your interior a luxe refresh for fall, without looking too showy. Best of all, if you’re looking for an investment piece like an accent chair or sofa, velvet ages well, unlike leather. Here’s how to fit it in your space this season.

1. Decorative Pillows

For a subtle touch of velvet, accent your chairs, sofas, and bed with decorative pillows. Stick with black and grey for more minimalist interior themes, or add some color like blush or gold for a more eclectic home.

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2. Luxe Throw Blanket

Is your sofa looking a little lackluster? Add a velvet throw in a jewel tone color like gold or emerald for an instant yet unfussy touch of glamour. Gold velvet looks retro and opulent, so it’s ideal for eclectic and antique-inspired homes.

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3. Curtains

If you’re considering investing in blackout curtains, why not go for a velvet variety? The plush velvet fabric not only blocks out 98% of light, but it’s also known to have the benefit of dampening sound as well. A neutral-tone color like grey or taupe looks subtle, but is more stylish than your standard microfiber options.

Velvet curtain blinds amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Floor Pillows

These velvet floor pillows function as both decor and additional seating. Invest in a few different colors and stack them on top of one another for a pop of color, or add them to your bedroom. They’re also great for dorm rooms, studio apartments, and even children’s nurseries.

Velvet floor pillows urban outfitters Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


5. Tufted Ottoman

This lush tufted ottoman lets you kick up your feet in style, while also doubling as extra seating when you’re entertaining. Ottomans are a great way to incorporate the trend in to your furiniture collection, without making a huge commitment or changing the overall look.

Velvet tufted ottoman amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Accent Chair

This chic, mid-century designed velvet chair looks stunning in your living room or even as a dining room table set. Blush hues look absolutely stunning on velvet furniture pieces, and they’ll flatter a wide range of other color schemes.

pink velvet accent chair amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Duvet Cover

Bring velvet into the bedroom with this cozy duvet cover. Designed with hotel-quality velvet, it not only looks elegant in your bedroom, but it also feels soft and luxurious.

velvet duvet cover amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Tufted Sleep Sofa

Great for the upcoming holiday season, this chic statement sofa doubles as a sleeper for when you have overnight guests in town. The soft velvet fabric looks polished but also makes for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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