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The Most Luxurious Velvet Sofas to Help Live Out Your Vintage Fantasy in 2022

From cladding the furniture in the wealthy Renaissance man’s master bedroom to establishing a name for itself once again in your mother’s childhood home, velvet has been an in-and-out staple to upholstery for centuries. Although the style has been semi out for a bit in regards to furniture such as velvet sofas and couches since our parents were kids, you know what they say. History repeats itself.

Velvet’s been making a comeback once again through iconic clothing and modern furniture as it has so many times before in the past. We can’t say we’re upset about it — the luxuriously vintage look and remarkably posh touch will always make us feel like we have more money than we actually do. So, we’re thinking, why not make the splurge and swaddle yourself in velvet at all angles with a brand new velvet sofa that will complete the look of your living room?

In modern times, velvet sofas display a sort of vintage modernity that other fabrics can’t compete with. There is something about the material that allows us to feel glam and in-touch with past and current riches alike. Owning a velvet sofa ultimately will make you want to live out that fantasy each and every single one of us has had. You know the one, where you’re relaxing on a couch, minding your own business when one person is fanning you and another is feeding you red grapes overhead.

Although not a single velvet sofa will allow you to fulfill that dream without you posting a very strange ad on Craigslist, adding a velvet sofa to your living space will bring a glamorous feel to your home that it doesn’t currently have. With that being said, read on and discover the most gorgeous velvet sofas you can buy online now to live out your vintage fantasies.

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1. Chamberlin Velvet Sofa


Reach deep into your couch cushions and what do you find? Maybe a couple of quarters, some potato roll crumbs from dinner a few years back, maybe a dead mouse. Reach into the Chamberlin? Find an old receipt from the hot dog stand at an Elvis concert, a pearl earring and maybe Lana Del Rey’s lip liner. Okay, maybe you’ll find none of that, but with a velvet couch this aesthetically vintage in its look, we can’t help but dream. This work of art is a retro-inspired three-seated couch with modern touches (like metal feet) is the piece your living room’s been begging for. While it’s striking in this gold color, note that it’s not your only option. Available also in burnt orange (pictured above), green, dark grey, sky, maroon and lavender, there’s no way you won’t be able to find the perfect color to match your home interior.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


2. Christopher Knight Home Antoine Traditional Button Tufted Velvet Sofa


Something about the classic button tufted look brings us back to a world we never got to know or experience. Like, why is it that when we look at this, we can only imagine lounging in the solarium of our 18th-century summer home in French wine country? It doesn’t make any sense. This breathtaking low seater is a dream maker, that’s for sure. Although you likely don’t have a solarium, this velvet sofa is a sophisticated, dare we say fancy, standout to have in your living space — whether it be a French summer home or not. While we’re geeking over this salmon pink color, this button-tufted sofa also comes clad in either black or teal depending on your preference.

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Courtesy of Target


3. Burrow Nomad Velvet Sofa


Because it’s 2022, some folks expect more from their furniture than they would’ve five years ago — even if we’re talking about a vintage-inspired velvet sofa. This mean, green machine is a gorgeous yet comfortable sofa that is, quite literally, considered a machine. How, you might ask? Well unlike any other velvet sofa we’ve seen before, this one from Burrow comes with a built-in USB charger and 72″ power cord so you can easily charge that smartphone of yours while relaxing on the couch. How’s that for modern? As for the make of the couch, Burrow uses performance velvet to ensure that it’s both durable and easier to clean than most velvet alternatives. The sofa comes in five colors in total, featuring jade (pictured below), midnight, blush, dusk and feather. You can also fully customize the leg finish as well and choose between either three different wood colors or three metal types.

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Courtesy of Burrow


4. Wayfair Anabella Sofa Bed


You know the saying, “Wayfair has just what I need!” And truthfully, they do have a point. This soft velvet sofa is a gorgeous addition to the home with enough space to fit three booties. When there are only two glued to the TV though, the middle section comes down to act as a double cup holder for hot cocoa, sippy cups, cocktails and water bottles. When looking for a way to provide for friends and family in case they ever need to crash for the night, you won’t even have to break out the air mattress. This sofa transforms itself into a full-sized bed for snoozing the night away if need be. Typically, the couch is available in five different colors, but you can currently only find it on Wayfair in blue and grey. Nonetheless, it will be an extra useful addition to your living room.

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Courtesy of Wayfair


5. Glory Furniture Raisa Sofa


Sing it with us, “Black velvet and that little boy smile! Black velvet and that slow southern style!” Alannah Myles really meant it when she said it, because damn, this black velvet sofa is a stunner. Darken up any room that needs it with this almost gothic-looking sofa. With its sultry velvet material and midnight facade, this velvet sofa is definitely an eyecatcher that can tie together a home aesthetic. Pair it with a slew of long, wax-dripping candles, your butler’s organ playing or just a classic throw rug and coffee table. Whatever you like.

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. Altrobene Velvet Loveseat


If you don’t have tons of room in your living space or you can’t imagine kicking your current beloved sofa to the curb just yet, consider a velvet loveseat. This dark teal stunner from Altrobene is a perfect addition to any living space, whether it be a home office, library or showroom, if you’re lucky enough to have one of those in the house. It’s quite the comfortable loveseat and although it’s pretty tiny (50.39″), it can still cozily fit two people and really brighten up a room while doing so. Colors are available in this dark teal pictured, a light blue and a bright pink mauve which will look excellent in your daughter’s room. If you have one, that is.

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Courtesy of Amazon


7. Wayfair Charlotte Velvet 51.5-Inch Rolled Arm Chesterfield Loveseat


No velvet sofa roundup can be complete without a red velvet option. For those of you who love the sultry yet sort of haunting aura provided by red velvet, look no further. This one’s for you. Like our prior pick, this rolled arm sofa is another loveseat and stands massively larger in width — one whole inch. This loveseat’s built more or less to be a one-person seat and fits gorgeously in any home office or library paired with a book read with a dim candle lit nearby. It’s charming yet almost mean-looking in style and has traditional elements such as button tufting, rolled arms and nailhead accents that set it apart from any other loveseat. It’s antique without being antique, so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart from under you.

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Courtesy of Wayfair


8. Divano Roma Furniture Modern Large Velvet Fabric Sectional Sofa


You can never go wrong with a little more legroom. Well, if you have the space, at least. This sectional sofa comes with a chaise that’s perfect for stretching out and lounging on your comfy velvet sofa. Normally velvet sofas with a chaise tend to break the bank, but at just under $700, this is a deal we can’t pass up. It’s room enough to fit the whole family for movie or game nights — plus the pup, of course. Colors are available in dark blue, black, grey and purple, depending on how your living room already looks.

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Courtesy of Amazon


9. Wayfair Frankie Velvet 86-Inch Tuxedo Arm Sofa


Although you love velvet, maybe you’re looking for something a tad bit more modern to accentuate your household the way any velvet vintage option cannot. If that’s the case, look no further than this recessed arm sofa bed from Wayfair. We can’t say it’s the coziest velvet sofa on the planet, but it might be one of the most unique. If you have a home office, we can’t think of a more appropriate modern velvet sofa option to place inside. Coming in grey, black, navy and a pale pink color, the options are endless with this one. Your space will be looking replenished in no time.

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Courtesy of Wayfair


Update: This article was last updated on July 19, 2022, at which time pricing was updated throughout. The Glory Furniture Delray Sofa was replaced by the Glory Furniture Raisa Sofa. 


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