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5 Vintage-Inspired Bar Accessories to Give Your Man Cave a Sophisticated Spin

* Man Cave decor for modern humans
* From rolling wine holding tables to cheese humidors
* Plus unique storage options

Just because drinking and carousing take place in a room, doesn’t mean its aesthetic has to be positively Mousterian. Your den, game room (or man cave, as we call it) doesn’t have to look like the abode of a caveman. Here are some stylish, vintage-inspired bar accessories to give your home minibar an elegant, decidedly civilized feel.

1. Old Fashioned Bar Menu

This vintage-look bar menu describes a number of traditional favorite liquor drinks and has a nice gilded age vibe, too.

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2. Book Flask Box

This clever book-shaped flask box isn’t just for keeping it on the DL. It also combines two long-standing markers of civilization: the written word and the fermented/ distilled beverage.

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Courtesy Uncommon Goods


3. Globe Wine Bar Stand

Show off your globe-spanning wine collection with this appropriately globe-shaped wine bar stand.

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4. Industrial Crank Stool

This bar stool features “industrial” design that is actually functional: the “crank” feature is simply a crank that raises and lowers the stool.

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5. Cheese Grotto

It may be named after a type of cave, but there’s nothing stone age about this clever cheese box. It’s designed to help maintain the right kind of coolness and humidity to preserve the flavor of your favorite cheese. Put it in the fridge for long-term cheese storage, or out on the counter to soften them.

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