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For the Coffee Lover, We Present This Extremely Rare Vintage Coffee Pot

* Vintage coffee pot that’s ideal for entertaining and special occasions
* Extremely rare mid-19th century copper design
* Features hand cut, heart-shaped flange and wood-turned handle

Worthy of a place at the Mad Hatter’s tea party or for dinner with royalty, this vintage coffee pot makes for a truly outstanding centerpiece that’s sure to entertain and impress your guests.

Made in England from a hand-polished vintage copper, this coffee pot features a distinctive mid-19th century design (estimated to have been crafted circa 1850). Every pot from that time was individually handcrafted.

A truly rare addition to any coffee lover or foodie’s kitchen, the 12-inch coffee dispenser features a stunning heart-shaped flange, which has been hand cut and sealed with three copper rivets. For ease of carrying, this vintage coffee pot also sports a beautifully wood-turned handle that makes lifting and pouring a cinch. The piece is finished off with a hand carved finial found on the hinged lid.

This delightful coffee pot would not look out of place upon even the most highest end of tables. Its flawless production and beautiful exterior create a wonderful centerpiece on your table, or in any tea or coffee set. It’s fully functioning too, meaning you can pour yourself a cup of coffee to savor and remember.

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