These Vinyl Record Frames Let Me Display My Favorite Albums Like the Works of Art They Are

vinyl record display frames on wall
Courtesy of Etsy

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Mirrors, wall art, framed photos and maps make excellent at-home wall decor options. But, music lovers know best: vinyl records make for some of the most glorious pieces of artwork to show off in your home. Sure, many vinyl record storage hacks call for keeping your records hidden, but there are also other ways to store your records in a more public setting with vinyl record frames.

A classic vinyl record frame is mandatory for anyone with a record collection. These frames allow vinyl record owners to proudly display their most beloved LPs in their homes as genuine pieces of art. Why? Because vinyl records are a piece of art through and through.

If you’re wondering how to frame a vinyl record, you should know that’s precisely what makes a vinyl record frame so easy. It’s as simple as hanging the frame on your wall and choosing which record you want to put on display. You can also find some vinyl record picture frames with some really inventive designs, including the open circle frames featured below.

vinyl-record-frame Courtesy of Etsy

Vinyl record display frames make for a fun, decorative addition to the area you keep your Bluetooth record player. For example, some of our editors use vinyl record frames and choose to place them above their record cabinets for some added pizzazz. Ultimately, vinyl record frames are a simple yet effective way to decorate their homes. In addition, they’re also stellar gifts for music lovers.

Looking for the best vinyl record frame for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. See below for all the coolest frames for vinyl records you can buy now. You can also check out our guide to the best vinyl record storage hacks for more inspiration.


1. Smashed Banana Black Music Album Frame

Two for the price of one? We’ll take it. If you’re looking for the most classic way to frame your records in a similar format to how you would a photo or piece of artwork, look no further than these frames from Smashed Banana on Amazon. Each frame holds one record, each with a modern frame with a brushed black aluminum finish. This style will never die out and surely look great on any wall.

Black Music Album Frame Courtesy of Amazon


2. KAIU Vinyl Record Frame

When it comes to vinyl storage options, KAIU is an excellent place to look. They’ve got tons of different options to choose from, but this vinyl record frame is one of our favorites. Fit one record of your choosing to slide right into this durable, wooden frame for an instantly classic look. Let it sit on top of your record stand or mount it on your wall. Changing records when you please is an effortless task, simply slide it out and slide one in.

KAIU Vinyl Record Frame Courtesy of Amazon


3. Bigantss 6 Pack Clear Acrylic Vinyl Record Floating Shelves

These might not be frames, but they come pretty close. These acrylic floating shelves make for some awesome vinyl record frame alternatives. They’re extremely affordable, durable and come in a six-pack for showing off even more records — because we know you’ve got more than one.

Bigantss 6 Pack Clear Acrylic Vinyl Record Floating Shelves Courtesy of Amazon


4. MCS Double Groove Record Album Frame

Lots of vinyl records are fun-looking nowadays, with pressings surpassing the all-black vinyl LP. Now, your records can be colored in blues, reds, yellows and more. Maybe you want to show off the record itself, too. This record frame allows you to do so with added space for the vinyl record itself.

MCS Double Groove Record Album Frame Courtesy of Amazon


5. Skinny Dog Art Picture Framing Mat for Two LP Records

This is the same idea as the one prior but with room for records that come with two LPs. This vinyl record mat is also totally customizable with different finish options. Sadly, this is just a mat, so you will have to buy a frame separately, but you already have the record-holding part down — all you need is a frame.

Skinny Dog Art Picture Framing Mat for Two LP Records Courtesy of Etsy


6. Show & Listen Album Cover Display Frame

If you want to display the record you’re currently listening to, this is the best vinyl record frame to do it with. This display frame opens and folds out from the top so you can slip your vinyl cover in at the top whenever it’s spinning. Consider this one effortless.

Show & Listen Album Cover Display Frame Courtesy of Amazon


7. Vinyl Addix Vinyl Record Holder

Want something a little more modern? Check out this vinyl record frame from Vinyl Addix on Etsy. Instead of choosing a square frame format, Vinyl Addix uses a circular frame to keep all of your records on display with a kookier look.

Vinyl Addix Vinyl Record Holder Courtesy of Etsy


8. MCS Recording Record Album Picture Frames

This set of two record display frames comes courtesy of Walmart and MCS Recording. Priced under $20 for a set of two, they’re an economical way to get your favorite records out of the box and into the light.

mcs record display frames Courtesy of Walmart