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Flash Sale: These Top-Rated Smart LED Light Strips Are Just $12 for the Night

Every day, the SPY team reviews hundreds of products on sale at Amazon to identify the very best deals of the day. There are lots of products with big alleged “discounts” for sale, but when you track prices on a daily basis like we do, you can spot these fake sales easily. On the flip side, when we find a really good deal, you can trust that we know what we’re talking about.

Case in point: This 40% Flash Sale on Vont strip lights. These aren’t just random, no-name lights, either. Vont Smart LED Strip Lights are an “Amazon’s Choice” product, which mean’s they’re a top-rated best-seller with hundreds of verified customer reviews. And thanks to this 40% price drop, you can buy a 16.4-foot LED Light Strip for just $11.99.

This is half the price of similar LED light strips from brands like Govee ($25.00) and Philips Hue ($76.98), which is why it’s our top choice for the Amazon deal of the day.

Please note that this 40% discount is available via an on-page coupon. If you don’t immediately see the discount, be sure to “clip” the virtual coupon to take advantage of this flash sale. The discount should automatically be applied in your shopping cart.

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About the Vont LED Light Strips

These color-changing LED light strips can provide accent lighting for any area of your home. Install them on the backside of your TV for instant mood lighting on your next movie night, or install them underneath your kitchen cabinets for a modern and sophisticated lighting effect.

If these lights don’t quite fit the space you have in mind, Vont also sells a 32-foot version of this product. In addition, you can cut the light strip to size to ensure it exactly fits your DIY project.

These types of color-changing mood lights are also popular with gamers, and you can program timers and lighting effects to suit your needs. In total, these smart lights can provide up to 16 million different color variations. 

Finally, these smart LED light strips are compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Siri for voice control.

Don’t wait too long to take advantage of this deal, as this smart light flash sale is ending soon. In the meantime, you can order these popular LED light strips for under $12. Prime members can also access free shipping and returns.

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Courtesy of Vont