The 5 Best Alternatives to Philips’ Best-Selling Wake-Up Light Under $40

wake up light alternatives
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* The Philips Wake-Up Light is popular but costs more than $100
* This type of alarm uses natural light to help you wake up gently in the morning
* These 5 wake up light alternatives are available for under $40

In the dead of winter, long, dark nights and short days make it hard to wake up. And for those who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to varying degrees, the absence of light can really have an impact on daily life. Perhaps for these reasons, ‘wake-up lights’ are becoming increasingly popular. These smart devices replace the blunt, obnoxious noise of traditional alarms with a more natural and pleasant mix of increasing light and noise.

Whatever you choose to call them (wake-up lights, sunrise alarms, body clock lights, etc.), these bedside assistants can have a positive effect upon your mood and general inertia while providing a far gentler way to greet the day.

One of the most popular options on the market is the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock . But, at over $100, this is a hefty investment if you’re just looking for an alternative way to wake up in the mornings. To save you a bit of cash, here are 5 great wake-up light alternatives that cost less than $40.

1. hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

The hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock is an easy option for those looking to give this wake-up method a try. The LED system gradually brightens over the course of 30 minutes and sports an impressive range of 8 color options. You’ll also find a range of nature-inspired sounds built in for a more pleasant alarm. Plus, there’s a snooze button if you need an extra few minutes of sleep. In addition, the clock sports an FM radio for some early morning or late evening tunes if desired.

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2. Totobay Wake Up Light

Another clock sporting the same stylish circular face design is the Totobay Wake Up Light. This alarm offers 6 natural wake up sounds and 7 color options, including indigo, blue, red, purple and green. The sounds include relaxing piano music, violin tunes, waves, bagpipes and a “DiDi” choice, too. The Totabay light also has 3 ways to stay powered. Those are via a USB, via a wall jack or even by 2 AAA batteries, which means your clock will stay on during power outages.

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3. INLIFE Wake Up Light

With its slightly lighter color options, the INLIFE Wake Up Light is a great choice for anyone who loves a more romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. You’ll also find it has an attractive fascia with easy-to-use touch keys even when you’re only half awake. There’s also an FM radio, 7 alarms sounds, 6 colors and 3 brightness levels to choose from to make sure the sleeping and waking experiences are just how you like them to be.

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4. FITMAKER Sunrise Alarm Clock

Take your pick from music, singing birds, the sounds of the forest, gently crashing waves or the more familiar beeping sound for when you wake up with the FITMAKER Sunrise Alarm Clock. The futuristic design sports and easy-to-grab handle on the back, while the fascia has touch button options. In addition, the alarm offers a choice of 7 different color options and works to stimulate the natural waking element of your brain over the course of half an hour with increasing light before delivering an accompanying sound to ensure you’re awake.

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5. AMIR Wake-Up Light

Sporting a slightly different design to the other options on the list, the AMIR Wake-Up Light is pill shaped rather than circular. This shape difference provides more evenly spread light coverage over the room compared to the more directed circular options. However, just like all the other choices, you’ll find a range of light color options to enjoy. In addition, the 3 brightness modes and 8 sound choices, which include a thrush singing, waves or a thunderstorm, make this an enjoyable waking experience.

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