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Target Delivers Rich Geometric Wall Decor For Your Blank Spaces

* Beautiful wall hanging with intricate and bold pattern
* Ideal for adding some texture to your lifeless and empty walls
* Sports macrame patterning for 70s bohemian throwback feel

If you have been searching for a wall piece to fill your empty walls, look no further than this delightfully crafted macrame wall hanging from Threshold.

Tapestries and wall hangings have long been prevalent throughout history and have often served as decorations. While the original storytelling inspiration may have been more prevalent in the hangings of Ancient Greece and Native America, this macrame piece has its very own tale to tell.

The heyday of macrame popularity in the fashion world may have been the mid-70s, when ladies all over the world sported a bohemian look, but macrame fashion — for your walls — is making its comeback.

Macrame’s resurgence has in part been due to the popularity of interior decor trends, which seek beautiful patterns as well as texture, seen here through a mixture of knotted string or cord. T

This particular piece of decor from Threshold is sold in a universally flattering (I.e. easy to match) black and has a medium size at 16 by 28 inches.

A great way to update an empty wall space by adding a striking design piece, this macrame wall hanging is sure to be a crowd pleaser, whether in the living room, bedroom or cottage.

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