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This Is the Best Modern Upgrade Given to Chess That We’ve Ever Seen

* Fully functional chess set attaches to your wall
* Play games at your own pace, on your own time
* Makes a great home decor or man cave piece

Allegedly invented sometime in the 6th century, chess is one of the earliest games that’s still played today. While the black-and-white checkerboard has become synonymous with strategy and mental fortitude, the design (for the most part) hasn’t really changed…until now.

This modern take on the classic chess set aims to raise the stakes by literally moving the board from the ground to the wall. This innovative set doubles as a great piece of home decor by easily attaching to any wall, and with perfectly positioned chess slots, your pieces stay put – so you don’t have to.

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Image courtesy Uncommon Goods

As some games of chess can take hours (or even days), this handy vertical board solves the problem by neatly keeping your pieces together, so you can play when you want. Plus, the beautiful build and stylish design really help this set stick out.

Made from beautiful birch plywood solid oak, each board is 100% made in the USA and is sure to help accentuate your home’s look. Great for amateur players and budding Bobby Fischers, this wall chess set makes a great gift for any and all chess aficionados.


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