Wall-mounted Bottle Openers You’ll Be Proud to Display in Your Home

höfats Johnny Catch Magnet Beer Bottle
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When you’re craving a cold soda or beer, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to open it. A wall-mounted bottle opener is preferable to a portable one, but why? Well, because you can avoid the frustration of going through kitchen drawers while guests are over or someone wants to make a toast.

If you’re wondering how to use a wall-mounted bottle opener, it works the same as a portable opener. They both feature lips and a pointed end that hooks under the cap’s edge and rests on top of it. When you lift your bottle, voila — your beverage is opened.

A good quality wall-mounted bottle opener will open the bottle more effectively and have a look that can seamlessly fit in with your home decor. Colorwise, consider matching your appliances or cabinet hardware. Unlike its portable counterpart, this installed opener will always be visible, and a guest can never misplace it.

The strongest material you can find is cast iron, although stainless steel and aluminum alloy are just as effective. Bottlecap removers are commonly attached to a wood or metal plaque. Themes are also something to consider when purchasing, especially if it’s for a home bar, man cave or game room. Most mounted bottle cap removers are intended for both outdoor and indoor usage.

If you wondering how to install a wall-mount bottle opener, it’s a relatively easy process. Most of them come with pre-drilled holes directly on the openers, or the plaques they’re on can be drilled into your wall. Others have an adhesive backing. If you’re looking to install a DIY wall-mount bottle opener, follow this helpful tutorial.

Beyond installation, the most tedious aspect is needing to get up and walk to wherever you placed your wall-mounted bottle opener. Still, that beats hunting between couch cushions or underneath a pile of paperwork when you’re having company over.

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1. MAGCAP Wall-Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener


Stop getting stuck searching the house for your long-lost bottle opener. There’s a reason why the MAGCAP magnetic bottle opener has so many outstanding reviews on Amazon. It’s convenient to use, durable and easy to install. The magnet removes the need for bottle cap cleanup. Its basic metal look (available in three shades) is anything but kitschy, and it’s 100% waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor usage. One buyer even mounted it on the side of their workbench in the garage.

MAGCAP Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener Courtesy of Amazon

2. höfats Johnny Catch Magnet Beer Bottle Opener


The rust-proof Hofats Johnny Catch wall-mounted bottle opener has a sleek look and a large magnetic cap catcher that can hold up to 20 caps. Place it on an outdoor grill, wall, or bar — it easily mounts without any tools required thanks to the strong double-sided tape on the back. Skeptical about the adhesive backing? A satisfied reviewer comments, “Adhesive is still going strong, shows no sign of wear with regular weekly use.”

höfats Johnny Catch Magnet Beer Bottle Opener Courtesy of Amazon

3. OSOPOLA Cast Iron Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener


If you’re looking for multiple bottle openers to cover different areas of your home, consider this cast iron set that’s available for an affordable price. It comes with self-tapping screws and has a vintage look without drawing too much attention. The small size makes these openers versatile, letting you place them anywhere indoors or outdoors. Quality is competitive for the cost — one Amazon review reads: “They have a heavy feel so it doesn’t feel like a cheap product.”

OSOPOLA Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener, Set of 2 Courtesy of Amazon

4. Design Toscano Cast Iron Grizzly Bear Wall-Mount Bottle Opener


Ideal for a cottage or anywhere that you want to provide a rustic vibe, this cast iron grizzly bear bottle opener will look impressive on your walls. With its aged gold color and metallic finish, this beer opener was inspired by vintage beer collectibles and was designed to look like a true antique. Worried about how gold it is? This reviewer shares, “ It’s got a slight highlight of gold in the metal and is the perfect size to be noticeable but at the same time blend [in].”

Design Toscano Cast Iron Grizzly Bear Wall Mount Bottle Opener Courtesy of Amazon

5. YicUik Wooden Wall-Mounted Basketball Bottle Opener


NBA fans will love this metal basketball mounted on an attractive wood backing. It comes complete with a cap catcher, in the form of a woven basketball net. Beer and basketball lovers alike will get a kick out of this creative beverage accessory.

YicUik Wooden Wall Mounted Basketball Bottle Opener Courtesy of Amazon

6. Re:p Cast Iron Longhorn Steer Skull Wall-Mount Bottle Opener


Anybody who loves Western desert decor or an aged, vintage-inspired finish will appreciate this Longhorn Steer Skull wall-mounted bottle opener. This accent piece comes with predrilled holes, and while it doesn’t feature a built-in magnet to catch caps, you can always get creative and use this customer’s hack: “I stuck a tiny but strong magnet under the nose, and it grabs the caps after you pop them off. “

Re:p Cast Iron Longhorn Steer Skull Wall Mount Bottle Opener Courtesy of Amazon

7. Home Decorators Collection Pine Wood Bottle Opener


While many wall-mounted bottle openers are made with a man cave aesthetic, this was has a versatile look that anyone will appreciate. This attractive pinewood model comes with an elegant matte black opener and features a classy. cap-catching basin area. It fits in with any space, and the pine can even be painted or stained to further color coordinate with your interior design. A consumer recommends, “This bottle opener furnishing could also be painted to match your favorite team color.“

Home Decorators Collection Pine Wood Bottle Opener with Matte Black Opener and Cap Catcher Courtesy of Home Depot

8. Ebern Designs Bottoms Up Wall Bottle Opener


A perfect addition to any man cave, this “Bottoms Up” wall-mounted bottle opener by Ebern Designs comes in the shape of a beer bottle and turns a simple device into a piece of home decor. This functional wall decor can help add personal style and cover empty spaces. A great conversation starter if you’re having guests over, this option makes a sturdy addition to any home bar.

Ebern Designs Bottoms Up Wall Bottle Opener Courtesy of Wayfair

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