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Forget Amazon, Walmart Is Going All Out To Win Black Friday Holiday Shoppers in 2022

It’s officially the season for holiday shopping, and some of our favorite retailers are already rolling out the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. While Amazon has been an online go-to for years due to its huge selection, 2-day shipping and generous free return policies, Walmart has recently made a push to make both in-store and online shopping more convenient than ever. In fact, Walmart has stepped up its game so much that even loyal Prime members should consider making Walmart their first destination for Black Friday and holiday shopping.

Because many of Walmart’s recent changes may have gone under the radar, we wanted to create a post detailing exactly why shoppers might consider giving Walmart, and more specifically Walmart+, a fresh look in 2022.

With perks like free access to Paramount+ and an extended return period, it may finally be time to consider Walmart+.

1. Walmart Is Having a Seriously Insane Pre-Black Friday Sale

Don’t get us wrong — you can find great Black Friday deals at Amazon, Walmart, Samsung, Target, and plenty of other online mega-retailers. However, to date, no one has been able to compete with Walmart’s pre-Black Friday sale. When it comes to popular Christmas gifts, Walmart has consistently matched or undercut Amazon on prices in advance of Black Friday.

In addition to a generous new return policy (more on that below), Walmart has already rolled out thousands of early deals, many of which have been better than Amazon’s. We’ve recently spotted our favorite Bissell Little Green Machine, Apple AirPods, and other products at significantly lower prices than at Amazon.

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$149 $169 12% off

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If you want the lowest price on AirPods, then don’t discount Walmart. Right now, these popular earbuds are $50 more expensive at Amazon.

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$89.00 $123.34 28% off

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Amazon has been touting its discount on the Bissell Little Green Machine as one of its top pre-Black Friday sales, yet you’ll find the lower price at Walmart.

doorbuster tv deals


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There’s no reason to line up in the cold anymore on Thanksgiving night. Now, you can order Walmart’s doorbuster TV deals weeks in advance. Some people might miss the tradition, but we love buying LG 65-inch TVs for under $400.

2. New 90-Day Holiday Return Policy

Back in October, Walmart revealed that it would be rolling out a more attractive 90-day “no concerns” return policy, faster delivery, and new truck drivers for the holiday season. And so far, they’ve delivered big on those promises and more, giving Amazon some pretty fierce competition.

As shopping specialists, we here at SPY have been preparing for the holiday shopping season for months, and it’s become increasingly evident that Walmart has made strides in positioning itself to compete with Amazon for the 2022 holiday season.

With a Walmart+ account, subscribers also get early access to the best Walmart’s Black Friday sales on items like toys, electronics, apparel, and more hours before they’re released to the public, which gives extra time to shop before things get picked over. The next round of deals goes online on November 21, and Walmart+ members get first dibbs.

Like Amazon’s Prime membership, Walmart shoppers will need to sign up for Walmart+ for some of these perks. Of course, if you wanted to sign up for the free 30-day Walmart+ trial membership and then cancel it right after Black Friday or Christmas, no one’s going to stop you. (We should note that you won’t get early access to deals unless you sign up for a paid membership, not just a free trial.)

Courtesy of Walmart

3. Free Paramount+ Subscription

Prime members may get access to Prime Video, but Walmart has no equivalent streaming service. Frankly, we’re not sure we would want a Walmart streaming service, but thankfully, Walmart has an alternative. Moving forward, Walmart+ members will get a free subscription to Paramount+ along with free delivery, 90 day returns, early access to deals and bonus perks like free grocery delivery.

$Free for 30 Days

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4. Free Grocery Delivery + Bonus Perks

In addition to the perks described above, Walmart+ members are now eligible for some bonus perks as well. The biggest one? Free grocery delivery from your local Walmart store.

On top of that, as part of their expanded return policy, Walmart additionally offers Walmart Plus members the option to schedule a return from their app in select locations. Meanwhile, all eligible purchases made on or after October 1 can be returned through January 31, 2023.

You can even save money on gas purchases. Walmart+ members can save up to 10 cents per gallon at more than 14,000 gas stations throughout the country.

While this doesn’t offer the same level of benefits as Prime, Walmart does have one other major advantage over Amazon — you can find Walmart stores in just about every city across the country. At $98 for the annual plan, Walmart Plus is also less expensive than Amazon Prime, which costs $139 annually

Although they may not be quite there yet, Walmart is certainly positioning itself as a top contender for your holiday shopping needs.

So, the question is: will free shipping, convenient returns, and faster delivery be enough for Walmart to compete with Amazon Prime?